Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do you have a Big Lots?

I love Big Lots! We find great deals on lots of things! If you have one near you, go here and sign up for the Buzz Club. They will email you the weekly ads, but best of all, periodically you receive 20% off coupons and invitations to "Friends and Family" days, where you get 20% off your entire order of already great priced items!

I received in invitation for the Friends and Family day, today, from 5-9pm, and all you have to do is scan your card to get 20% off your entire order. (If you sign up on line, you give your phone number and pick up a card when you check out and have it scanned right then.) Or, I can print a 20% off coupon for all day tomorrow. (I THINK if you sign up today you can get it.)

Big Lots is my best source for cannning jars for $7/case for all sizes. With the 20% off, I will only pay $5.60/case! I will be stocking up tomorrow for my jam-making in the Fall.

Big Lots carries lots of brand name stuff and it is the first place we head to shop for toys for the grandbabies for Christmas. Yeah!

We have even bought furniture there. Our best purchase: our queen sized sleigh bed for $300 that we got for only $240 with a 20% off coupon! We later saw the same bed at a furniture store for $1000!!

(I was not asked to post this and get nothing for doing it. Just wanted to share a great store with my friends.)


A.Marie said...

Hi there! I wish I had a Big Lots nearby! My sister lives near one in Ohio, so I am going to tell her about this. Thanks for posting it! :)

Frances said...

You are welcome, A.Marie. Hope your sis signs up and gets the discount. If not this time, they do it pretty often.

We went today and got canning jars, can't beat $5.60 a case!

Pam said...

We have a Big Lots nearby but it is so inconvenient that I never stop by. I should. They have some great sales.

Frances said...

Hi, Pam! Our Big Lots is not on the way to anywhere, but occasionally, it is worth it to us to drive the extra mile or two to save money.

It is the only place I buy canning jars. They have the best price even without 20% off.

Together We Save said...

I love Big Lots, I have been an email member for a while!! I lve the 20% off coupons too!

Frances said...

Hi, Together We Save! Thanks for coming to see me.

So glad to hear that others enjoy the Big Lots experience!

Diane said...

We have a Big Lots but don't do much shopping there. Near the hospital my mother goes for appts. there is a Tuesday Morning which has alot of good deals.

Frances said...

Hi, Diane. We have Tuesday Mornings, but they are all quite a distance from us. I do love shopping when we are near one.

McVal said...

LOVE Big Lots! However I've only been to the ones in Ohio when I was visiting a sister in law, oh and I think there is one about an hour away, but I never make it down there.
Thanks for the heads up on them! I'll have to check them out for jar too!

Frances said...

Hi, McVal! I don't know that I would drive an hour to go to a Big Lots. But if you were going somewhere and passed close to one, I'd definitely stop in.

SonyaAnn said...

You sound like a very good commercial. I love it there!!! You should get Den and slugmama an engagement gift from there.

Frances said...

Den and slugmama are engaged??!!

slugmama said...

Well don't buy me canning jars there....I got some yesterday with my 20% off for my wedding trousseau.lolol
I hope Den wants a big wedding....LMAO
You can be my matron of honor SonyaAnn & my Hubs can be Den's best man...let's keep it all in the family, ok?? ;-)

I *heart* Big Lots Frances. Use to heart them even more years ago before they got all fancy....yah, I called that place
I bought a bunch of food there Sunday along with the canning jars....and Hubs bought a new toaster since ours broke, but I did resist the Paula Deen cooking stuff...

As we were leaving there was a young family(2 little kids/mom/dad)..they were trying to cram a big old table, a computer desk, a bathroom vanity sink cabinet as well as cans of paint, brushes and some other supplies into a suv looking car. The boxes only fit hanging over the backseat where the kids' seats were, so the kids had to ride home ducked down in their seats! I thought for a minute they were going to leave the kids in front of the store or something....geez, talk about going nuts in a store buying

Frances said...

Oh, Sluggy, congratulations! I will buy you some naughty lingerie as soon as I can find a good deal. :-)

Big Lots had "fancied up" a little over the years. I have loved it since it first opened and we still go there at least once or twice a month, with or without a coupon.

That family must have been excited to get such deals on remodeling their home. They might have done like we do for big purchases at Big Lots and waited until the coupon came out to buy everything.