Monday, April 12, 2010

Where are the toys??

Our 3 1/2 year old grandson, Theo, and our almost 1 year old grandson, Wyatt, have not been to our home in a long time. We always get together at MIL's house, or we meet somewhere to eat, or we have gone to Meredith's to visit. They have been to our apartment, but I think it was at Christmas. I don't remember...old age, I guess.

Yesterday, Meredith called, saying she has not seen us in forever and was missing us and asked if it was okay if she came over after picking the boys up from their daddy. We said yes, of course! They came over around 7...a little late for visiting babies I think, but I am not the mom. Before they got there, Bob suggested that we go to McDonalds for dinner, so Theo could play in the play area while we visited.

They got there and Theo was so happy to see us! I have decided that "Grandma" is one of the loveliest words in the English language! Wyatt is not talking yet, so he just grinned. LOL!

Theo is crazy active and was looking at everything. Then he went and opened a closet, turned around and said, "Where are the toys?" Gulp....we don't have any. We had some baby toys when he used to come over, but when they moved to California, we just took them to MIL and added them to her toy room. (Seriously, it is a room full of toys dating back to when Bob and his sisters were little.)

So, we had no toys! We are failures as grandparents! Fortunately, the evening was saved by the ice pops Theo found in our freezer. Thank goodness for ice pops!

We went to McDonald's and had a great visit. Theo had a ball and he was nice and worn out for Mommy. Yeah!

I told Bob that we have GOT to go get some toys!! I am off on Friday, and after my mammogram, we plan to go pick strawberries. It sounds like after that, we will go thrifting to get some TOYS!

Oh, and some books. I refuse to be the grandma that plunks them down in front of a dvd everytime they visit.


Pam said...

If you hit a couple of yard sales you should be able to find some great toys for the kids. Just don't give them golf clubs. My inlaws did that and my son still has a scar on his head!

Linda Robinson said...

Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog! and becoming a follower!

Me and my hubby went to some garage sales this weekend also and it is a great place to pick up some toys and books!
I'm a preschool teacher and we read to the kids everyday. Most kids really do love it.

SonyaAnn said...

They sound wonderful! Post some pictures if you get some on your next visit.
I'm sure that you will find some great toys. Please post about your sales!

Frances said...

Hi, Pam! Thanks for stopping by. We may try to find some garage sales. We are also fortunate to have some excellent thrift stores that always have toys in great condition and pretty good prices. That's where we buy lots of books for the grandbabies.

Frances said...

Hi, Linda! I love finding new blogs!

Many moons ago, I worked in daycare and absolutely loved it! Both Hubby and I are avid readers and have been buying books for the grandbabies since they were born. We will just have to get some to keep here.

We gave one grandson a box of books for his 3rd toys...and he was thrilled! (He got toys from other family members, so was not deprived.)

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, we got some good pics of Mere, Bob and the boys. Not me...I had on no makeup and ducked the camera. LOL!

I will post some pics soon. They are cutie-pies!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I feel the same way every time my nieces and nephews visit! I don't have children and they rarely visit (they live in another state!), toys!

I DO, however, have a dog, and she seems to make up for ALL of it!! Phew!

Glad the ice pops were able to save the day!!

Frances said...

Hi, Anything! Thanks for coming to see me.

We have 3 cats, so that was pretty entertaining. But Theo remembered that we DID have toys.

Never fear, we will have some the next time he visits!

slugmama said...

Having barely any money by the time she became a Grandma, my mom didn't let that stop her from being the 'awesome Grandma' as my kids called her.....well, frankly almost anybody who had a pulse could have been awesome compared to my MIL...but that's another

She did hit garage sales for toys to have for them but not often and not many. She did make do with really inexpensive stuff like from the $1 store like pinwheels(endlessly fasinating to a tiny kid), chalk for the sidewalk, LEGOS!!!, matchbox cars. She also made bubble stuff for blowing and play-doh. Baking cookies was also a great source of fun when they were old enough to not touch the hot She couldn't afford buying greeting cards and made them personalized postcards using blank cheap postcards & pictures cut from magazines.
Since you are as cheap as me, I am sure you'll come up with wonderful ways to keep those grandbabies entertained! ;-)

Frances said...

Hi, slugmama. Legos, definitely!! I LOVE Legos. LOL! Well, since the grandkids are younger, we are at the Lego Duplo age. We plan to check out some local thrift stores and if we see any garage sales, we will stop. I am sure we will find some great toys to keep at our house.

We had no problem keeping Theo entertained, but want to have toys for when he is there for a longer visit.

Thanks for coming to see me!