Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Wyatt!

On April 30, my 3rd grandson turns 1. He will be having a birthday party with his daddy's side of the family next weekend, so we had his party yesterday.

Well, my mother-in-law had a party and we were all willing participants. She called Hubby last week and told him that Wyatt's party would be on Sunday and that I needed to make cupcakes. I just love taking orders. LOL!

But really, I was happy to make cupcakes for our little guy. After a little searching on-line, I found the cutest idea and made these: Aren't they just the cutest?! They are sheep, chickens and pigs. (Some people could not tell what my sheep were. LOL!) They were also delicious. I made the cupcakes on Saturday night, then spent about an hour and a half yesterday morning frosting them. I am really proud of how they turned out. And everyone loved them!

Yesterday was a bit of a funny day, since MIL was having the party at her house. She called me on Friday, I think, to ask if I would bring my booster seat so Wyatt could sit in it to have his cake. "Where is yours?" I asked. (the one I bought for her) "Oh, Billy still has it." Billy is Wyatt's daddy. Before Meredith moved out, at lot of their furniture was still in storage, including Wyatt's high chair. So MIL loaned them her booster seat. Billy still has it 4 months later. I told MIL to tell him to bring it back and she just responded that he probably uses it when the boys are at his house. My feeling is that Billy, or someone in HIS family can find a high chair or booster seat. (Meredith agrees with me.) I don't want to sound mean, but I have already bought two of them.

So, I agreed to bring ours over, but told MIL that I was not giving it to her. If she wants one, she needs to get hers back. She will probably just go buy a new one.

Now lest anyone think I am the horrible grandma, Meredith has not had to buy diapers or wipes since January. And I have her stocked enough to last another 4-5 months. AND MIL currently has both of our carseats in her truck, since she has been getting the boys once or twice a month. Yes, the carseats we purchased. If we need to go pick up the boys for anything, we will have to drive to MIL's to get our carseats, or use Meredith's.

Yesterday morning, MIL called me to say she was serving ham sandwiches and chili dogs. And could I bring some hotdogs and chili.

I love my MIL, but sometimes it bugs me for her to just tell me to bring something because she knows I probably have it in my stockpile.

But aside from the little annoyances, we had a really nice party and got to spend time with 2 of our kids and our 3 grandsons.


Annie Jones said...

Those cuppy cakes are adorable!

And I hear you on MIL problems. I have two of them! My MIL (Shane's step mom) is a sweetie that I get along with well. Shane's real mom (whom I can't really bring to call my MIL) is nice and friendly, but more than a little needy and also on the conniving side. It's rough sometimes. :(

McVal said...

What great looking cupcakes! I'm definitely hiring you for our next party go round!

Sorry about your MIL troubles. I've got one that lives with us... and assumes a ton... Very manipulative and gets angry often at my kids and us. I'm so glad my hubby thinks the same way I do on everything! It's nice to have someone to vent to and be vented from.

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. I feel terrible complaining at all about my MIL, since she is the sweetest person you would ever want to meet. And I love her to death.

Just sometimes I get a little irritated with her.

Frances said...

Hi, McVal. Hmmmm...maybe a new career path for me? LOL!

I love my MIL, but I think it would be hard to have her live with us. What is funny is that Hubby get more irritated with her than I do sometimes. (He really doesn't like for anyone to take advantage of me...even his mom.)

slugmama said...

Well I got that the white fluffy cakes were sheep right away!

And I no longer have MIL problems. My MIL was the coldest most unlovable woman on the face of the earth. She ignored her grandchildren(my kids) and needless to say, we did NOT get along at ALL!
Then she got Alzheimer's and at this point she doesn't know anyone. Her personality has now done a 180 and she is the nicest person I have ever
But I still want nothing to do with her....

Frances said...

Slugmama, I KNEW someone would recognize my sheep.

Sorry you had such MIL problems. But glad they are over! I cannot imagine ignoring grandchildren! They are such a blessing.

SonyaAnn said...

The cupcakes were perfect!! Honestly, I've never seen cuter!
And I think that you are a better person than me cuz i would have said something by now!!!!

Frances said...

Thanks, SonyaAnn. I am not a better person. I do say things to MIL, but say them nicely. She is just so NICE that I can't be mean to her.