Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We ran out of leftovers!

Really, for us they are planned overs. When we cook, we make enough to get at least one lunch for me out of it. After we eat, one of us, usually Hubby, puts the leftovers in a container and pops it in the freezer.

Usually, there is a good supply and I never eat leftovers of the night before's meal. SO it is always new food to me. And everyone at work is SO jealous of my deliciuos lunches.

Hubby looked in the freezer last night and said, "Oh, no, you're out of lunches!" He said he would start cooking immediately. LOL! I told him that I CAN take sandwiches on occasion. I convinced him that I would not mind making a sandwich out of the delicious, thick sliced turkey breast that he got from the meat market. Yummy!
LOL! I just had to have some art on my post. That is not MY sandwich, but it is A sandwich.

It really seemed to bother Hubby that I was not taking a "hot lunch", but I really like sandwiches. And it is nice for a change. But I have a feeling that we will be restocking the freezer this week. Hubby started last night, but I didn't want to bring the same thing as we ate last night.

Man! This turkey is good!


Annie Jones said...

Man, I wish I could send hot lunches with Shane, especially during the winter. Unfortunately, when he's on a job site, there is very rarely an actual break room, let alone a microwave to heat a hot lunch.

I even bought him a heating lunch box that plugs into the cigarette lighter or "hot shot" of his truck. It gets food very hot...will actually boil soup, but I didn't stop to think that in most cases his truck is parked too far to make it practical to use. :(

So, I use the lunchbox occasionally when I know I'll be out at lunchtime, and he's stuck with cold sandwiches.

I do plan for leftovers, though. I usually try to make a second meal, but none of us mind eating the same meal twice (or thrice or even four times) in a row. :)

Sheila said...

Kevin goes to work every day with a hot meal--usually--on the odd day that he has to take a sandwich or buy his lunch, he always get comments about it. Where is Sheila, what did you do now, why didn't she fix you a lunch. It cracks me up! Sounds to me like you have a good hubby--cooking, fixing you lunches.

SonyaAnn said...

He takes such good care of you! So what is he cooking?
Den has stopped taking lunches like that to work. He is now on a yogurt and fruit kick. He has gained some weight since he stopped smoking so he is trying to lose it. UGH, but it does mess with my grocery bill.

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. I know that no matter what you make Shane, it is delicious.

I don't care whether I have a hot lunch or a cold lunch. As long as it is filling and somewhat nutritious, I am happy.

It would be nice for someone working out in cold weather to have a hot lunch.

Frances said...

How, funny, Sheila! That is probably what I would have heard today, except I just stayed in my cubicle playing while I ate, so no one saw my sandwich.

I DO have a good hubby!!

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, a yogurt and fruit kick, huh? Have you been bargain shopping for the yogurt? How about making your own? Do you have a crockpot? Go here:


I have not tried this yet, but know several people that have. (I need to do this!)

McVal said...

Since I work from home I don't typically plan for my lunches. Whatever is in the fridge I eat... I had leftover stew from a few nights ago. I could've had a homemade pepperoni calzone, but I might save that for tomorrow unless my son eats it today.
A lot of times I'll throw a bunch of leftover veggies on some lettuce, dump ranch and italian dressing on it and call it good.
You're so lucky you've got a gourmet in the house!

Frances said...

Hi, McVal! I WISH I could work at home! Leftover veggies made into a salad would work for me.

Really, sometimes I don't even care what I am eating as long as I get something into my rumbling tummy.

And a Hubby that cooks can be a double edged sword. We are both great cooks and my butt shows it! LOL!

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

You know, I love sandwiches, too! I don't know if goes back to the ones I had EVERY day in my lunch box as a kid, but I just LOVE me a nice turkey and provolone on wheat!! Cheers!!

Frances said...

Hi, Anything Fits! We didn't get to take lunch to school when we were kids. Mom made us buy lunch everyday and we envied others that got to bring sandwiches. LOL!

(And this was "back in the day" when school lunches were actually pretty healthy....at least in our district.)

We were finally allowed to take our lunch in the 8th grade, I think. LOL!

slugmama said...

I think my DH would die if we ever ran out of leftovers! I do believe he lets me cook things just so he can have leftovers.lolol
The kids OTOH, they abhor them.
DH refuses to take heatable leftovers to work to eat for lunch however and buys him an overpriced lunch.ugh
He will make a sandwich and take a cold lunch but not a hot one, even tho they have a microwave available in the lunchroom to heat up leftovers.
I can't get inside his head on this one.....

Frances said...

Sluggy, some things just taste better when they are leftovers.
When our kids lived at home, we rarely had leftovers. LOL!

Some people are just picky about their lunches. Maybe someone at his office has smelled up the breakroom by cooking something stinky, so he just can't bring himself to cook in there.

Sometimes ours is pretty gross smelling due to multiple types of ethnic food being cooked. Ugh!