Thursday, March 4, 2010

"It was on sale for only $500."

How many times have you said THAT?

Me, I have said it NO times.

Here is the story.....Yesterday, after work, Hubby picked me up and we went to visit our daughter, Meredith, and grandsons, Theo and Wyatt, for the evening. We stopped at our other daughter, Samantha's, and picked her and her boyfriend up to join in the fun.

We got to Meredith's and she lives in a beautiful townhome, right in the middle of the Galleria area. For those not familiar with Houston....the Galleria area, while not the priciest part of town, is not cheap. Her rent is $885/month for a 2 bedroom TH, so not as bad as I expected. And the street is really nice.

The first thing you see when you walk in the door is this:

Not this one, of course, but a HUGE flatscreen tv. Okay, maybe is is not really huge. She says is is 40", but it looks HUGE. I calmly said, "Oh, Meredith, you got a new tv." She said, "I got a great deal. It was on sale for only $500."

I just smiled. But inside, I was in SHOCK. This is the daughter that everyone has been telling us off about. This is the one that my MIL is worrying herself sick about. And this is the one that my MIL is sending money to help pay for daycare.

And Meredith bought a $500 TELEVISION!!! Oh, yeah, and of course she had to have cable. Well, not cable. She opted for the fiber optic service. $67/month. I don't even have that service, as I don't want to pay that much money to watch TV.

Last night, Meredith was talking about MIL sending her money, and she said that while she appreciates the money, she certainly is not going to be dependent on it. I know that our son-in-law will be getting his military money soon and will be sending Mere money, but in the meantime, I thought she was on a tight budget.

$500 TVs don't have any place in a tight budget in my opinion.

I keep praying my MIL doesn't call me. I'm afraid I would be telling her to quit sending Meredith money.

On the positive side, we had a nice dinner. I ended up paying. UGH! But at least, I can AFFORD it without someone else's money. I won't worry about the expense too much, since Hubby and I have not been able to go out to eat much lately.

Oh, yeah, and we got our tax refund last week and I am getting my annual bonus next week, so I am feeling in the black. LOL1


McVal said...

Congrats on your bonus! My son has debt he owes US but would rather get a new tattoo or guitar... Interesting how people prioritize...

Frances said...

Sorry, you are having to deal with that, Val.

Our kids don't owe us, since we don't lend them money. LOL! We have given it a few times, but never loan it.

Pam said...

I think all kids are that way. They expect their parents to give them things. We have started giving my daughter a clothing allowance. She gets $100 in the spring/summer and $100 in fall/winter. You wouldn't believe how much cheaper she has become when she spends "her" money, knowing she will not get more.

Frances said...

The odd thing is that our kids don't expect Hubby or I, or even their bio mom, to give them money. But MIL has always been free with the cash, so it is nothing to them.

I used to worry that we needed to compete with MIL when she was giving our little kids $100 in cash plus gifts at Christmas. Then I realized I didn't have to compete. I know we would never win, so why bother.

The problem is that, though the kids all LOVE MIL, they do tend to take advantage of her generosity.

And I agree with them being cheaper when spending their own money. Last night, mine was the only wallet pulled out at dinner. LOL!

Frances said...

Oh, Pam, I meant to say thanks for stopping by.

You, too, Val!

Annie Jones said...

I hear daughter has some knew do-it-all phone that was "only $100". And she's unemployed right now. Tax refund aside, I don't think she should have bought it right now, when her old phone was still working and money is tight.

Frances said...

Annie Jones, I know what you mean. Our kids always have to have the fanciest cell phones. It doesn't matter if they can afford to EAT. LOL!

I usually use the same cell phone for years until it is almost dead. Even now, I got a new one, but only because Hubby lost his. (And it was 3 or 4 or 5 years old.)

Thanks for coming to see me!

Lisa said...

Good for the bonus, But that stinks that you have to deal with someone like that. I love being frugal that is what makes us able to afford the non needed but fun.

I can understand people who take help but blow their cash, I have a friend like that always complains about money. She says she wishes she could save like me but then always turns around and buys expensive electronics or eats out all the time. Hmmmm

SonyaAnn said...

I'm glad that you are getting your refund and you bonus. I know that you will put it to good use.
Family is such a touchy subject. You feel like killing them sometimes but God help the person that tries to hurt them. We are odd creatures.
She will be fine. She is young. Give her guidance, love and a budget not money.
Alright and when Ms. Anna pulls a stunt please remind me how to be calm. I don't do calm and peaceful very well.
We made mistakes and so will they. It's just hard to watch.
Anna got a tattoo with her BFF and I lost it. It's on her side. I really didn't handle it well. And the 80yr old woman that I clean for laughed and asked if she had a shirt. I said yes and she said then don't look at it. And then she asked me if I had one and I said yes. She laughed at me for a while. But she was right, she said let it go.
I wub ewe much!

Frances said...

Hi, Lisa P.! Thanks for coming to see me.

The TV thing did drive me insane temporarily, but Meredith IS pretty budget conscience usually. She can tell you who has the best price on diapers....and the per diaper price of different brands. LOL! She cooks at home, bakes regulary, shops sales with coupons, and a lot of her furnishing came from curbside shopping.

So she is not totally irresponsible with her money. Plus, she is an adult and can do as she pleases.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I know Meredith will be fine. Of our 3 kids, she is really the most responsible and the most independent.

She has worked since she was 16, except for a while after having each baby.

A friend of mine pointed out, yesterday, that the kids learned from their bio mom to get what you want and to worry about how to pay for it later. She has always been like that and has even, at times, had to take second jobs to pay for some huge bill.

I really don't think Meredith is totally like that. And besides that TV, she really is watching her money.

So I am not going to worry about her and have put my insanity behind me.

Meredith got a tattoo when she was in high school, but she was living at her mom's at the time so I couldn't say anything. Oh, yeah, and Hubby has one, so really, what can we say?

I like the lady's reaction to your distress. LOL!

luv u 2

slugmama said...

"$500 TVs don't have any place in a tight budget in my opinion." got that right!lol
Wants don't have a place in a tight budget when someone else is paying for your kids' daycare.

But like you said, she's an adult and the $ thing is between her and the MIL.

We also don't loan money to family. It's a very bad policy.
It changes the relationships in that family. If we give, we do so with NO expectations of repayment. That way we are never disappointed.

Frances said...

Hi, slugmama! Thanks for coming by. I so agree with you about having no expectations of repayment when you give family money. If we can't afford to give it, we can't afford to loan it.

Plus, I just can't stand having to be irritated by not getting paid back. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

I know it will work out but it is nice to come to your blog home and have your friends help your through it!
I can honestly say I have never been at such a good place in my life and that is because I always feel as if someone is here for me. How odd is it that I'm finally mentally stable;) and its because I have all of my cyber-best friends to talk me through it?
It's nice, isn't it just to have a place to turn where people want to hear your side?
Have a great weekend!

Kelly L said...

my sister was a single mom and always broke and I remember she was showing me a silk dress she bought herself - it was crazy because the week prior my parents bought her kids new school clothes and my sis bought herself a $280 dress - this was in the early 80s not she is older - she really isn't much wiser.... lol

Love to you.

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! I am so glad you are in such a good place. I agree that it is amazing to know we have such good cyber friends to support us.

I love it!

Frances said...

Hi, Kelly. Thanks for stopping by. I have known a lot of people that always complained about being broke but still managed to buy themselves things that I wouldn't dream of buying.

I try to think that Meredith is not like that, but only time will tell.

SonyaAnn said...

Happy Sunday!!!!
Write something, I'm having a Frances withdrawal!

Frances said...

You are so funny, SonyaAnn! I will work on being more interesting. LOL!

SonyaAnn said...

You are interesting, you goof! Just write something, I'm have Frances withdrawals.

Frances said...

I did! I did!