Monday, June 29, 2015

Our animal magnetism lives!

We went to see Jurassic World in 3D and it was GREAT! LOVED it! Hubby and I got there really early, since the last time we tried to go to a movie the lines were so long at the box office that we left and went to another theater. Anyway, we went into the theater and were the only people there, so picked our seats and got comfy. We like to sit on the first row of the risers as Bobby likes to prop his feet up on the railing.

We kicked back and after a bit, another guy walked in and sat down ONE SEAT OVER FROM ME. I am glad I had my purse and umbrella in the seat next to me as he might have sat there. LOL! THEN, since the trailers hadn’t started, he gets on the phone and starts talking. OMG! Clearly he had no reason to worry about disturbing US. Ugh! At least he put his phone away when the movie started.

Before the movie started, I put my purse down by my feet. No need to sit and worry about it for the whole movie.

The next couple of people that came in sat RIGHT BEHIND US. It was just hilarious! We say it is because of our animal magnetism. And during the movie someone got on their phone and started talking. At least that person got up and left the theater, of course talking the whole way. I always wonder why people even go to the movies if they cannot turn their phone off for an hour and a half. I don’t think they are all brain surgeons.

Oh, and while I am on the subject of inappropriate cellphone use, when are people going to realize that while you are driving is not a good time to be checking your phone for messages. If you are waiting for a message that important, pull the hell over and get away from me.

Rant over.

Happy Monday everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thank goodness for the dollar store!

It has been 2 months since my second cataract surgery and I am still adjusting to not having to wear glasses all the time. I have not gone and gotten prescription glasses as I am doing great with reading glasses. I now can function perfectly fine with 1.75 or 2.0 readers. And I can buy them at the dollar stores....for A DOLLAR.

Why would I go get prescription glasses that I will have to pay more for? I have vision coverage, but my copy for glasses is $25. That is with no bells and whistles. No coatings. No progressives. Just plain single vision lenses. Why would I pay even $25 for one pair when for the same money I can buy 25 pair???

So, I have readers everywhere; in my purse, in my desk drawer, in the bathroom, on the computer desk at home, on my nightstand. And a couple of "just in case" pair, one in my purse and one in my tote bag I carry to work. Those are just in case I don't have a pair handy when I need one. I love it.

The only problem is that I take them off and put them on all day long and sometimes this happens:

I tucked a pair in the neckline of my blouse and when I bent over, they fell out. And I step on them. Ugh! Good thing I had another in my purse. But this was a really cute pair of tortoiseshell that I liked. So I guess I will have to suck it up and head to the dollar store and part with another dollar. :-)

Otherwise, I am loving my new, improved vision and have no complaints at all.

Happy Tuesday, all!

Monday, June 15, 2015

You don't have 3 days worth of food?

A friend of mine posted this pic of her local grocery store water aisle.
A tropical storm is in the Gulf of Mexico and headed toward the Texas coast. So everyone has gone crazy! Broadcasters are warning people to be sure and have at least 3 days worth of food and water. Apparently, the stores have been mobbed today.

Shelves emptied of water, batteries and food.

My first thought was that if you don't have enough food in your house to last for 3 days, you have a bigger problem than a tropical storm. Even when I was POOR I had enough food in my house to last 3 days. I had to.....I was poor. LOL!

And another thing a broadcaster warned people was to be sure and go to the ATM today in case you are flooded in tomorrow. If you are flooded in, why would you need cash???? I don't have to pay for anything inside my home. Crazy, I tell ya!

Personally, I am hoping to be flooded in so I can have tomorrow off. Our area does not really flood. When we had the "Memorial Day Flooding" we got rain but no standing water whatsoever. BUT, when it floods in Houston, the buses don't run. I take a park and ride bus every day to work. If the bus doesn't run, I am not going to work. I did last time as my girlfriend drove downtown, but she does not plan to go in tomorrow if it floods in Houston.

We are always prepared at our house. It is hurricane season. We live on the coast. Plus we always have enough food for 3 days. So, we are good.