Friday, May 22, 2015

We found the perfect anniversary gift.

Yesterday was my parents' 59th wedding anniversary. Last week I had emailed my sister asking what I could get for them. I wanted to send them something, but wanted it to be something they would want/love, not just something to have sitting around gathering dust.

So, my sister texted me that she and my other sister and she were thinking about getting them a new rocker recliner as Mom had been thinking about getting one, but didn't want to spend the money. I thought it was a great idea and told Sis I was in...just let me know my part. She texted me yesterday that they had order the chair and it would be delivered today. It cost $300 and we are splitting 3 ways. A very reasonable price for a really good anniversary gift. I told Sis to send me a pic when it got there.

Here is a pic of my dad in the new rocker recliner:
Yes, it is CAMO! Sis said that my mom picked it out. It is perfect for them. After all, they DO live in a forest. Here is a clearer look at the chair:
What is funny is that when Hubby and I were shopping for a rocker recliner, we tried one out just like this one. It was SO COMFY, but neither of us wanted camo in our living room. LOL!

So my sisters and I have once again proven our love for our parents. LOL!


slugmama said...

Oh my daughter would LOVE that chair! lolz

Anne in the kitchen said...

Great gift. My BIL has an entire cabin in the woods upholstered in camp. Even the comforters are camo

Frances said...

You can find everything in camo!

Sonya Ann said...

That is an awesome gift!!!!!