Monday, May 18, 2015

I love my hubby's podiatrist!

Well, I guess he is my podiatrist now!

For months I have been hobbling around with a painful heel spur on my left foot. I knew that is what it was but I had other things to take care of that seemed more important. I also knew that my orthopedic doctor could put a cortisone shot in my heel that would probably get rid of the pain. But I was just too busy to make an appointment.

We were dealing with Hubby's amputation and new prosthetic. Then I was dealing with having cataract surgery since that just seemed more important.

Hubby got tired of me hobbling around, so said he was taking me to his podiatrist. He needed to go for a check and just made me an appointment at the same time. So we went today.

Dr. Mac took Xrays and said, "That must be really painful." Ummm, it sure is. So he gave me an injection and the freaking pain is gone. Why did I wait so long??? I am just so stupid.

But I will not be beating myself up longer than a few minutes because my heel does not hurt. Yeah! On the down side, I also came down with a sinus infection. I fix one thing and another is messed up. LOL!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Yay for no heel pain!

Frances said...

It is feeling pretty good now!