Saturday, April 11, 2015

Giveaway reminders and cataract surgery update

I have two giveaways still going on and need some more people to enter or Sonya Ann is going to win again. LOL!

Go here by the end of today to win Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap

Go here by end of the day tomorrow to win Purex Crystals ScentSplash

In other news, I had my cataract surgery on Tuesday and it went great. The surgeon said my eye is perfect and the doc that did my followup the next day also said my eye is perfect. My distance vision in my corrected eye is crystal clear. Something I have NEVER had. I have been extremely nearsighted since I was 6, so I have never had clear distance vision.

The only problem I am having is that my eyes now do not want to work together. The day after the surgery, I had the left lens of my glasses popped out on suggestion of the dr and it has not really helped. It is really crazy as my left eye distance is super clear, but anything closer than 5 feet is pretty blurry. And my right eye has a lens that corrects my nearsighted right eye. The correction makes objects look smaller. With the corrected eye with no lens, objects look larger.

I was hoping my brain would work together to make me be able to see, but I guess the difference is too much to overcome. I can watch tv fairly comfortably, but walking is a nightmare. Most of the time I am walking, I just close my left eye. Hubby is calling me "Popeye".

Typing is also pretty difficult and I am doing it with one eye closed. LOL! I guess I AM Popeye.

I think I will let Hubby take me somewhere later today to see if I can function outside our apartment. I told my boss I will probably be at work on Monday, but I know I cannot drive. So Hubby said he would drive me to the bus. I think I can manage to walk to the office. I think today I will try on some reading glasses to see if I can find something that helps me to function better on the computer. I really don't think I can spend 8 hours in front of one the way I am seeing right now.

I was warned, but somehow thought it would not be this bad. Like I am special or something. LOL! I cannot wait to get the second eye done!

Have a great weekend, all!


Sonya Ann said...

I commented on this and it didn't post the other day. It went something along the lines of me thinking I should win. I need a lotto ticket ASAP!
How are your eyes doing today? I think this would be a terrible thing to deal with and would give you a headache. I bet once you get the other eye done it will be well worth it. Take care and see straight.

Frances said...

My one week followup was today. Doc says I am doing great. Still can't see very well, but that will be cured next week.