Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Cataract surgery....round 2.

Ha ha! My eye was so beautiful this day....not. I think I took this pic to show the ring around my iris, not noticing the smudgy eye shadow and missing mascara. Oh, well, it is my eye. And it has more make up on it than I have been able to wear in 2 weeks. 

Tomorrow morning, at 7:30 am, I will arrive bright eyed and bushy tailed to have cataract surgery on my right eye. I cannot wait to have it done. Before the surgery done on my left eye on 4/7, I was a surgery virgin. I have to tell you, cataract surgery was SO easy and I am not a bit nervous about tomorrow. I AM excited to have two eyes with the same correction. It will be wonderful to be able to see.

I will tell you, anyone that is extremely nearsighted that intends to have vision correcting lenses inserted when they need to have cataract surgery, needs to have both eyes done as closely together as possible. The time between surgeries has been awful for me. I did not get back to work yet as I cannot sit in front of a computer for more than an hour without getting eye strain since I can only see out of one eye. I can look through my glasses lens with the uncorrected eye, or put on reading glasses and read out of the corrected eye, but I cannot see clearly through both eyes at the same time. 

Reading for any length of time makes my eyes feel really strained. I usually read 2 - 3 books a week (I read on my daily commute) and with my eyes this way, I am now on week 3 of the same book. LOL!

According to my drs, people with lesser bad vision do not have the same problem I am having. And I am really happy for those people. I would not wish this experience on anyone.

Looking forward to finding out what my surgeon looks like as the last time I met him after they took my glasses away. I heard that he is really cute. LOL!


Sonya Ann said...

Hahaha, you heard that your dr is really cute.
I'm so happy that this will all be over for you. It's been a long road or would it be a blind path?
Let us know how it went and if you can see.
How many fingers am I holding up?

Anne in the kitchen said...

Following from the Federation (aka Sonya Ann's group) hope it all goes well and you can see the cute doc.

Frances said...

Blind path, SonyaAnn. And the dr was pretty cute.

It went great and I can see oh so clearly from about 5 feet and beyond. Closer than that and I need reading glasses for now. I may need prescription specs after my eyes finish adjusting, but they will certainly not be as strong or as expensive as my old ones.

Put down the middle finger.....slowly.

Frances said...

Thanks for coming by, Anne!

slugmama said...

Well we have the same color eyes! Though I do believe mine are more blood shot....lol

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy's eyes are bloodshot cuz she is hungover.

Sonya Ann said...

And I'm glad that you are getting better. I was worried for you. Worrying is my strong suit.

Frances said...

Sluggy, I had bloodshot eyes in my youth. Remember that I am older than you. LOL!

Don't worry Sonya Ann. I am always good! But thanks for caring about me!

Barton Levesque said...

I hope that your cataract surgery went on to be a success. Having blurry vision can make us really anxious and uncomfortable. I just hope that you're faring great now, and that you won't experience any vision-related troubles again. Thanks for sharing that, Frances! All the best to you!

Barton Levesque @ Glenmore Vision Center

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by, Barton. The results of my cataract surgery are great. I am so happy with my impoved vision!