Thursday, January 9, 2014

Being sick is not a good way to spend a day off.

I was thinking that this week would be rough as it would be my first full week at work since before Thanksgiving. I know how to arrange my days off in December. :-)

My allergies have been driving me crazy this week, but they do that sometimes, so I wasn't too worried. Despite the fact that there are sick people EVERYWHERE.

Well, a couple nights ago I woke up with an irritated throat. I drank some cold medicine and went back to sleep. I went to work yesterday and though my throat was a bit irritated, I figured it was just from sinus drainage.

Last night, I drank cold medicine before going to bed and still woke up with my throat, though this time it was more than irritated. It HURT. I felt like this this morning...

So, I called in sick and called my doctor's office. They told me to come at 11:00. It is a good thing I went. I have beginning stages of a sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, swollen tonsils and possible strep. She didn't swab for strep as she said it looked like it might be and we were catching it early if it is and said the antibiotic she was giving me would kill it if that is what it was. I also am on steroids as well.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening sleeping or sitting in our recliner. If I don't feel a LOT better in the morning, this is where I will spend tomorrow as well. I can't blame anyone for this as I haven't been around any obviously sick people. And I don't want to be the one people blame their illness on.


Anonymous said...

Stay home and get better. I know the flu knocked all of us out for a week after Christmas

Frances said...

I am at home and feel a bit better today, Judy. I should be good to go back to work on Monday. I am grateful that it was nothing like the flu.

Sonya Ann said...

You poor kid. You really are a mess this time but the steroids always seem to help you the most. We can just call you Arnold from here on out.

Frances said...

LOL! At least I don't have roid rage.

But I am hungry all the time.