Monday, June 24, 2013

I don't care for mangoes.

What a frugal shopping weekend we had!

Several months ago, Hubby asked me what I thought about getting a juicer. So I told him my opinion and found some articles for him. I know many are big proponents of juicing, but I am not. I know there are lots of nutrients, but I hate the idea of throwing away all the fiber. Sure, you can bake the fiber into something, but then, aren’t you just eating baked goods? Defeating the purpose of juicing?

After sharing my opinion with Hubby, he just said, "Never mind." I told him if he really wanted one, I would start looking for a deal. But he had changed his mind. Then Father's Day weekend, I saw an infommercial for Nutri-Bullet. It pulverizes fruits and veggies to make "superfood" drinks. You lose none of the fiber, so it seems to be better, for us, than a juicer. I researched the heck out of it for an hour or so and then talked to Hubby about it and he said it sounded good.
We received it last week, but didn't use it until this last weekend. Because we need to stock up on produce. I have LOTS of frozen fruit in the freezer, so we were good with that, but needed some greens.So on Saturday, we went shopping.

First stop was Aldi, where we got the following:

Bag of 9 Fuji apples $3.89
3 Mangoes $1.77
4 lbs strawberries $3.96
Bag of Romaine hearts $2.79
2.82 lbs bananas $0.99
Package of flour tortillas  $1.99

Total $ 15.39

Next stop was a Mexican food restaurant for lunch. Yummy!

Last stop was Kroger, where we got:

2 diet 2 liters $1.78
Large bunch Kale $1.69
Large bunch Collard greens $.99
Large bunch of spinach $1.49
Head of iceburg lettuce $1.19
One lb baby carrots $1.99
Can of refried beans $.62
Total - $9.79

$25.18 total! That is the lowest grocery shopping trip I remember ever having. That was not it for the week, as I THINK Hubby went earlier in the week and picked up milk. 

When we got home, I  decided to cut up the fruit into chunks and freeze it for ease of use and to make the drinks cold and smooth. 
My only  problem was with the mangoes. I have tasted mangoes, but haven't eaten them much. I started peeling one and OH MY GOD...I could not stand the smell! I tasted the meat and it tasted sweet, but odd. I peeled them all, cut up in chunks and put on a cookie sheet to flash freeze. Then I got on-line to see if the smell was normal. Well, apparently, I am not the only one that thought it tasted odd. I was thinking metallic, but the words "pine-flavor" kept coming up and I realized that was what I was tasting. Ugh!

I thought maybe they weren't ripe enough, but putting them in drinks would disguise the taste with other stuff. But Hubby brought home a mango smoothie yesterday and it tasted the same way to me.

So, I don't care for mangoes. Yeah....I'm weird.


slugmama said...

You ARE weird....but we love you anyway.... ;-)

Frances said...

Thank you, Sluggy. I am so glad you won't ostracize me.

Sonya Ann said...

I have said it over and over-mangos taste like pine-sol smells. I can't stand them. Anna thinks they are great. She always has been odd.

McVal said...

:) Nah - you're not weird. I'm not a biggie for them either...

Frances said...

That's it, tastes like pine sol smells. I have actually tasted pine tree sap...accidentally...and that is what they taste like to me.

Frances said...

McVal, so glad you do not think I am weird. :-)

Sonya Ann said...

Have you ever tasted pine sol? That would be the real test on my theory.

Frances said...

No, but I have a bottle at home. Should I taste it???

Sonya Ann said...

You make me laugh. But please don't do that.