Friday, June 14, 2013

Did Kraft Go Too Far?

No way!

I saw Kraft's new "Zesty" add in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. I love it! I think it is hot and a little hilarious.

But apparently it has a lot of people up in arms and has been all over the news. I didn't realize! Here is the first article I saw:

I think it is hilarious that people all over the net are talking about this.

Way to go, Kraft!!!


slugmama said...

Speaking as a Libertarian I have no problem with this ad.
Personally speaking I don't care for it basically because I don't think this model is hot....but that's just me. He is too hairy and his feet are OOGLY!lol
But would I ban it? Heck no!

I can see the point of uptight moms though trying to protect their precious small children from seeing something not for the eyes of the young. But really, this is no worse and even pretty tame compared to what is out there.
If you don't want your kids seeing this, then censor and monitor what they watch/read. It's the parent's responsibility to oversee their children and what they are exposed to.

OTOH, while the juxtaposition of the "wholesome foods" in a picnic setting with a hairy nekkid man is funny it might be seen as being in bad taste.

I think this country is still very hung up on anything having to do with sex. We are still so Victorian in our attitudes as a society in general.

Frances said...

I didn't even NOTICE his feet. LOL! They look okay to me, but I am not a foot woman. And he doesn't seem that hairy to me, but maybe that is because I have seen way hairier men that really grossed me out. LOL!

I DO think he is pretty hot, but more, I find the ad pretty hilarious as it really has little to do with salad dressing.

It is more funny to me.

And I find it way less offensive than girls that look 12 years old in their underwear on Victoria Secret commercials. They are sure not trying to see ME panties.

I don't have a problem with a nekkid man at a picnic, either. Maybe because I have picniced with a nekkid man in my time. :-)

slugmama said...

I think he could have used a good bit of airbrushing from the knees down....
A lot of the most successful ad campaigns I can remember had little to do with the product really.
Man salad....MMmmmm! 8-)))

FeatherDuster said...

Where can I find the coupon for that?

Frances said...

OMG!!!! Sluggy!!! Man salad!!!! Sounds like a dish I would love!

FeatherDuster, I will look for coupons.

mylifeinfocusblog said...

I think Kraft was very smart regarding this ad. They know if you want to eat well, you should eat Italian. Not only do we grow, make and prepare the finest foods on the planet, we also have the hottest men!

Buon Appetito!

Maybe this will start a new trend in food advertising. Men from all ethnic backgrounds will be touting their local finest.

Frances said...

I will be subscribing to all the women's magazines if this is the new trend in advertising!

Sonya Ann said...

I LOVE IT! And I would like one for Christmas or any other holiday that you can think of. Can I also have one in blond?
Now which fund should the money come out of to pay for this one????

Frances said...

I will keep an eye out for a blond one, SonyaAnn.

And I think if you have to pay it would be in the Christmas budget.