Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

I know most people will be busy this week. Some will be trying to figure out how to cook this
Some  people will be frantically searching for their recipe for this

Some of you will be tearing out your hair over having to deal with in-laws.

Not me.....

I will be sitting in front of a slot machine here.

We will not be coming home until Thanksgiving Day, so no cooking for me that day and no house full of  people. We will see the kids and grandkids sometime Friday, Saturday or Sunday, but I am leaving it up to Hubby to arrange, as he didn't agree with any of my suggestions. LOL!

I WILL be cooking a turkey dinner, but I think Hubby doesn't want to share, as he is pushing going out to eat with the kids and just having a quiet dinner with the two of us.

Hope everyone stays as stress free as possible this week.


Sonya Ann said...

This is the best plan EVER! Don't tell anyone but I think you are the smartest of us all!

slugmama said...

I agree....that Frances is crazy like a FOX!lol
I wish I was stowing away in your luggage. Have fun!!!

Annie at Haphazard Homestead said...

We'll be cooking a turkey dinner, but it's just for the three of us, and I'm planning on doing as much of it ahead of time as I can. No extended family stuff for us this year. For which I am thankful...

Frances said...

That's me...crazy like a fox.