Monday, November 5, 2012

Can we say FREE?!

You all know that I just love free stuff. If you didn't know, you must be new here. LOL!

In preparation for my birthday, I signed up for the mailing list for some of my favorite restaurants and last week I received some coupons. Here is what I got:

Free entree at Casa Ole (Mexican food. yum!)
Free sandwich from Schlotzky
Free dessert from Chilis
$5 off anything at Jason's Deli

I think I got some other ones, but those were the ones I was interested in. So, Saturday, Hubby and I went to Casa Ole and I got my free entree, delicious chicken and spinache enchiladas with white cream sauce, topped with mushrooms and shrimp. It was SO good! We also had chili con queso and some sopapillas for dessert. For those unfamiliar with sopapillas, they were little fried pillows of, in this case, puff pastry, sprinkled with powdered sugar and drizzle with rum caramel sauce. Can we say YUM! That was my birthday lunch and I was quite happy.

We passed on the other freebies as I didn't feel like spending money at the other places to get my freebies.

Yesterday we went to see "Flight" with Denzel Washington. He did an incredible acting job. We really liked it. Then a relaxing rest of the day.

Today I am at work. Yes, work. I have my last class for Community Emergency Response Team training and didn't want to miss it.

We will be taking a "birthday trip" to the casino in a couple of weeks. Yeah!


Sonya Ann said...

It sounds like everyone loves you especially the restaurants!
Den usually has to work on my birthday. It is the 29th of December and he has to do inventory. This year it falls on a Saturday so casino here we come. And we found out the casino gives you $25 if you come in on your actual bday! $25 is just over 2 free lunches from a swank restaurant! Yay for me getting older!

Frances said...

Hi, SonyaAnn! Getting older DOES have its priviledges. The casino we go to has "55 Tuesdays". They have special stuff for people 55 and over, like a $5.50 buffet! The buffet is regularly $12 or $13 and I am just not paying that. But I will pay $5.50, so last year when Hubby turned 55 that is where we went. Now when we go, we be sure we are there on a Tuesday.

Yeah for you getting extra casino money on your actual birthday!

Sonya Ann said...

I'm kind of a brat. I put enough money in the machines that I think they should buy me lunch!
Did I tell you that the pit boss compt Den our room for one night when we were in Vegas? It was awesome. Wish I were a bit more sober to remember it.;p

Frances said...

I would have SWORN that I replied to your comment, SonyaAnn. Apparently I don't know how to comment on my own blog. LOL!

Yeah for comped rooms. We always get ours comped. We have players cards that accrue points and we always have enough for free rooms. Yes!