Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yes, I came back....

Did you all think I got lost in the boonies? I wish! I had a fabulous and relaxing vacation and wish I could have stayed forever. Well, I would have had to fly Hubby there, since he was still at home.

But alas, a girl's gotta eat.....and I came back home and back to my job. And I was SLAMMED this week. I really hate the week after vacation. Not only was I trying to catch up on all the work that apparently can only be done by me... Yes, I am that special.... but everyone seemed to have emergencies that had to be taken care of RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  I was beat every evening. Thank God I don't have to come home and cook and clean. I love my hubby!

I had a great time while on vacation, so even though the week was long and work filled, I am still stress free. So, my vacation was a success!

Here are a few pics:
My 4-year-old great niece, Navi Lynn. She is angelic as she looks....sometimes.
 Her mama, my niece, Jessica. She is exactly as devilish as she looks.
 One of the views from my parents' back deck. Could it be any more gorgeous?
I didn't take a ton of pics as all of the rest of us look the same. But I did have an amazingly wonderful time.


Sonya Ann said...

You have adorable family members! And a wonderful hubby!
Glad your back, I wouldn't have made it much longer!

Frances said...

I DO have a wonderful hubby! And those of us that have made babies sure made pretty ones.