Sunday, August 5, 2012

Oh, yeah.....I'm on vacation....

I totally forgot to tell you all that I am on vacation this week. I was so buried at work that I get home just exhausted. I have barely even checked blogs this week. Sorry, I am so behind. I will catch up over the next week when I get a chance.

I am in beautiful rural Tennessee with my first family. Yesterday, I flew in to Nashville, where my sister and her fiance picked me up. First I have to let you know that my virtue is still intact. The TSA agents barely looked at me and said, "You're okay." and waved me on. LOL! I must look safe. Thank God they didn't check my bra for that oozie I was carrying. I'm kidding...I'm kidding. I don't even know if I spelled oozie right. LOL!

We stopped and ate, so got back to my sister's house way in then boonies at around 6 and Sis asked me if I wanted to go to "the auction". There is an auction house not to far from where she lives that has auctions every Friday and Saturday night. They go regularly and I said why not, so off we went.

There was a huge variety of stuff auctioned off, some for great prices, some we thought were not so great. Sis and bf got a few items, but nothing really excited me until the FOOD was auctioned at the end of the night. I am telling you, if I had been near home, I would have filled my freezer. Sis didn't load up like I would have. Of course, she is close to the auction and apparently they have these types of items regularly. She got 2 lb bags of shredded cheeze for $4, sliced Black Forest Ham for $1.50/lb, bacon for $2.50/lb. There were a lot of other good deals, I would have jumped all over and loaded up my freezer. LOL!

I am looking for an auction when I get home.

This morning, I am waiting for my meds to kick in. I am fighting off a sinus infection and woke  up with a bugger of a headache. If I can get rid of it in time, I will go to church with Sis. If I still have it, I may hang out here while they go. Then later, we will head to Mom and Dad's. Can't wait to see them!

I'll check in when I can and will try to get some pics. Have a great week!


Sonya Ann said...

Have an awesome visit and I hope that you feel better soon. Get a neti-pot!
I got felt up by the TSA. She was cute and wanted to touch my under-wire. I was ok with it.;p

McVal said...

They auction off food?! Awesome!!! Gotta find me an auction like that around here!

and it's uzi, I think.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I was hoping to get felt up by the big, burly guy, but no luck for me.

Thanks, McVal, for reminding me how to spell uzi. LOL!

Linda said...

I live three hours south of Nashville in Alabama. That cheese price is the normal price I pay just going to the grocery store and stocking up at sale. Same or the meats.

Now, I wonder what food prices are near here and where you live that you are impressed with those prices. I gripe at the prices as it is, but maybe I should be grateful.

Frances said...

Linda, you should be greatful. I haven't seen cheese here for $2/lb in at least 2 years. This week, I can get 2 lbs of shredded cheese "on sale" for $7.08. And $1.50/lb for lunch meat doesn't happen. Even store brand bologna is more than that. I live near Houston, TX. My sister lives in Tennessee and while she was not as impressed with the price as I was, she thought they were good prices.