Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My apologies for my scheduling.

I was checking comments and found one from "Unknown" about my Pillsbury Baquettes Chips giveaway ending on June 30 and not July 1. I thought someone was being a little picky about me taking until July 2 to announce the winner, but went back and saw that my winner, Ashley, left her winning comment on July 1.

I'm sorry.

But I won't un-win Ashley.

I have learned my lesson. I didn't get a chance to pick a winner until Monday as I was busy on Sunday.  In the future, I will certainly pay closer attention to entry dates when picking the winner of my giveaways.

And speaking of giveaways, don't forget to enter my Dry Idea Giveaway.


Mark said...


Frances said...

I know, Mark, my head has been hung in shame all day.

Frances said...

Well, except when I was watching Magic Mike. Yum!

judy said...

Oh the horror of it all!!!!!! LOL...how was Magic Mark..I mean magic mike

Frances said...

Magic Mike was pretty darn good. But it could have used some more dancing. LOL!

Magic Mark would have been even better!