Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July from Houston, Texas!

I don't actually live in Houston, but I work there and it has the best fireworks show every year.

Hope everyone is having, or did have, a wonderful 4th. This is the last day of my mini vacation and it has been wonderful so far. On Sunday, we got to play with Theo and Wyatt. That is always fun! Of course, they wore us out. LOL! But we have recovered nicely.

Monday, Hubby and I headed out a few towns over to a local farm we like to go to. It is far enough away that the cost of gas offsets any savings, but the produce is so good and fresh that it is okay. We got squash, brocolli, celery, green onions, yellow onions, green beans, green bell peppers, apples and sweet potatoes. I think that is it. We wanted to get some corn on the cob, but it didn't look really fresh and it was 2 for $1 and stores all around us have it on sale for less, so we didn't get that. We usually go on the weekends and it seems like the produce didn't look as wonderful as it does on weekends, but it is possible that Monday is not the best day to go. LOL!

We also went to a little "country cooking" restaurant that has wonderful food. It has been there for years and my parents used to go to it a lot when they lived down here. We then came home, brought in our haul and relaxed the rest of the day and evening. Well, I relaxed while cutting, chopping, and prepping veggies for the freezer.

Yesterday I went with my girlfriend to see Magic Mike. I really liked it. Did you expect any different?? LOL! Rhonda's comment after the movie, "It had a lot more plot than I expected." She is so funny. What was not funny was Matthew McConaughey's bod. Ooooo.....Baby!
Yeah, the younger guys were hot. But what can I say, I love me a slightly sleezy cowboy. LOL! And of course he is a Texas boy. Gotta love it!

I will add that it was not the male stripping that I remember from the late 70s early 80s, where, to me, it was not necessarily the stripping that was the draw, but the dancing. The stripping was sort of secondary to a hot guy doing a really great dance number. There was a lot of bumping grinding and lap dancing in Magic Mike and I have been told that some reports say it is true to life of the business. Oh well, it was still great fun. Lord knows I am not too prudish to enjoy a little man flesh on display.

After the movie, I dropped my girlfriend off and ran to WalMart to pick up a few things. I really hate WalMart. It was SO crowded....on a Tuesday early in the afternoon. Don't these people have jobs???? I did run into another girlfriend while there. She did work yesterday, but her office got to leave at noon, so she was out running errands. We visited for a while, though we did move our carts out of the way and did not block any aisles. LOL!

When I got home, Hubby and I ran to Kroger, since we had not on the weekend. We found a good price on some good looking corn on the cob, so got 18 ears, which is now in the freezer. We may get some more if the price is the same this weekend. We also found a few other good deals, one of which was on Osteo Biflex which is expensive even when it is B1G1 and using 2 coupons. So our totally was a gasp-worthy $96. Whew! But we are pretty stocked up on everything now.

Today, will be a relaxing day until the early evening when we will head to MIL's to go see the little firework show her town puts on. It is pretty nice and not nearly as crowded as the one in downtown Houston, or even some of the other small towns around here.

Tomorrow is back to work and I will probably be tired, but I think I can manage a 2 day work week. LOL!

Happy 4th of July!


Mark said...

"slightly sleezy"? I love full-on sleeze! Although I'm sure I won't be seeing Magic Mike. Which oddly enough, I just heard of on Monday.
Anyway, regarding your trip to WalMart, I bet the other shoppers there were wondering if you had a job too!
Happy 5th of July!

Frances said...

Full on sleeze is fine with me, too, Mark. Why wouldn't you see it? Wait until it comes out on DVD and get it for when the kids are in bed or not home.

Those shoppers in WalMart may have been wondering that. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

I want some sleezy cowboys please! Anything sleezy will do.
I hate Walmart too and not to sound terrible but I'm pretty sure that anyone in Walmart doesn't work. Oh and FYI the closer to the beginning to the month that you get the more crowded it will be cuz welfare is credited on the 1st. OK that was mean but if you want to shop and it not be crowded go at the end of the month. Boy, I must be crabby or something. Watch now that I said that, we will end up on welfare.