Sunday, May 27, 2012

What will go out next?

Last evening, Hubby asked me if I had been in the kitchen. I told him he was the last one in there and asked him why he asked. He said that there was water on the floor. So I went and looked.

Darn if there wasn't. The first thing I thought of was the washer, but thank goodness it was not that.

It looked like the water was coming from under the fridge. I opened it. No water inside. I opened the freezer. LOTS of water inside. The ice bin was overflowing with water. Ugh!  I turned off the water that feeds to the ice maker and started cleaning up water. Hubby offered to, but I was already doing it, so said I would finish.

I replaced the ice maker valve a few months ago, so I don't even know what it might be, so for now the ice maker is off. I don't know if the valve is bad or if the feed into the ice maker is what is leaking. I will think of it another day. Hubby ran out and bought some ice trays and we are using those for now.

On a positive note, our kitchen floor is really clean again.


Just me said...

So is my bathroom seems to be the week for water!!!


Frances said...

Hope not, Just me. Hope we both had isolated incidents.

SonyaAnn said...

You have the cleanest floor of anyone that I know. Well that is two things with water. I wonder what the third will be.

Frances said...

Hopefully, we won't have a third thing. LOL! Maybe I will just pull out the mop to make that the third thing.