Monday, May 21, 2012

27 pounds of blueberries....

Last week, I received an email from an orchard where we have picked blueberries in the past. It was opening for the season last Friday. I asked Hubby if he wanted to go pick berries and he said yes. He is a berry picking boy!

We got up Saturday morning and dropped Hubby's car at the tire place to have them repair a tire that had a slow leak, then headed out. The orchard is exactly and hour and a half away and it was a lovely drive. Hubby loves to drive anywhere and I love riding, so it was really nice. We chatted and listened to tunes all the way.

We got to the orchard a little before noon and headed out to pick. time we will go earlier. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out.....and it was HOT. Hubby loves, loves, loves the heat. I do not. But, I asked Hubby to go pick, so I had to pick, too. LOL!

Blueberries are super easy to pick, so it went pretty quick. After about an hour and a half, we had a large bucket full and I needed a break. I went back and sat in the car that we had parked in the shade, drank some water and cooled off with a wet towel. I did NOT turn on the AC as I know it would feel good but would make it harder to go back out in the field. After 15 or 20 minutes, I headed back out, taking my wet towel with me. It was a little cooler with a wet towel around my neck.

I picked for another 1/2 hour, but then that was all I could take, so stopped around 2:30. Hubby never needed a break. He is a hardy boy. We had decided to head back by 3:00, to make sure we got to the tire place by 5 to pick up his car.

Hubby headed out of the field right at 3:00. We sat and visited with the lady that owns the orchard and she weighed our berries. We picked 27 lbs! We did GOOD! At $2/lb, they were quite a bargain, I think.

We headed back to town, picked up the car, picked up some dinner and headed home. It was a wonderful day trip for us and I now have a load of blueberries in the freezer. I am ready for jam making or baking or just eating. Yum!

Yesterday, I just cleaned and prepped berries for the freezer, ran some over to my bf's mom and ran a few errands. Today I have a day off, just because. I think we are going to go eat pizza buffet for lunch. I am having a great long weekend!

Happy Monday, all! Oh, and today is my parents' 56th anniversary! Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Mark said...

Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad! How wonderful.
Now don't go celebrating by putting blueberries on your pizza!

Frances said...

No blueberry pizza here. Most of them went in the freezer, though I did manage to eat some!

Annie said...

Sounds wonderful! Our nearby Blueberry Patch opens for picking tomorrow. I'm not sure we'll be able to get out there before next week, though.

SonyaAnn said...

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad!
That is a ton of blueberries. YUM!

McVal said...

Happy Anniversary to your folks!!
I love blueberries!!!

Frances said...

Thanks, all, for coming to see me!