Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey, Mister, throw me some beads!

As usual, we had a great time at the Mardi Gras parade on the Galveston Seawall. It was chilly, but we were bundled up and spent a nice day, visiting, reading, relaxing and catching some beads. Here is a pic of our bead haul:
This mound of beads and goodies filled up a paper grocery sack! We usually only keep a few unusual strands and give the rest away. The beads are no longer the fun part...it is getting the beads that is the fun part. LOL!

Now, on to the fun part...(Do not go any further if you are offended by pictures of fake boobs.)
My girlfriend's mom got Hubby some brand new boobies for this year! He was rocking them!
Embarrassed? I don't think so!
This is one of my girlfriend's boys. They enjoy Hubby's antics too!

This guy remembered Hubby from last year.

Hubby fronting a band. He looks a little dented there!
Our annual Mardi Gras pic!

Hope you enjoyed our hilarity!


Tanner said...

Ha, that is pretty cool. Had never thought about guys getting fake ones to participate in the festivities. It does look like a lot of fun and glad you guys enjoyed it and brought home a bag-full of flashing beads.

Annie said...

Glad you had a fun trip!

McVal said...

You guys are a HOOT! What?! No tassles??

Mark said...

Your husband has an AWESOME rack!

Frances said...

Tanner, Hubby always gets a second look. I think no one else thinks of guys doing it either.

Annie, we did!

No, McVal, he wants the nips to show.

I agree with you, Mark!

slugmama said...

I so have to come see y'all for Mardi Gras.lol I made myself a pair of fake boobies for a conference. When I ripped open my shirt one guy almost wet his pants!
We can all have a boob-off! woohoo....

Frances said...

Sluggy, if you still have those boobies, we need a picture!

slugmama said...

I might have a pic Frances but it's pre-digital. Some day I'll get them all scanned into the computer.....some day.....lol

SonyaAnn said...

First off you two aren't aging. What is your secret??????
I think I get as excited as both of you for this trip. I love the pictures!!!!! Hahaha-hub's dented boobies!!!!

Frances said...

Sluggy, we want to see!

SonyaAnn, we are aging. LOL! But thanks for thinking we aren't. Glad you enjoyed Hubby's boobies.