Friday, November 4, 2011

Going fishing.....

Not really.

My birthday is tomorrow! Yeah me! I know a lot of people are not big on birthdays, but I am. I love birthdays, whether mine or someone else's. I don't know why...I just do.

A  while back, Hubby asked me what I wanted and I couldn't think of a thing. I guess that means that I have all I need and that is a good thing. But, I did tell Hubby I would like a tackle box. Does that mean that I want to go fishing? Alas, no, it does not. Though I have gone fishing a time or two in my life. But, I have another purpose in mind. So, Hubby got me a tackle box. Here it is:

You may be asking yourselves, if I don't want to fish, what do I want with a tackle box. And you may be asking why there are two Wilton frosting knives in front of the tackle box. Well, I will tell you. I love to decorate cakes. But I have kept my decorating stuff in this box:
I wanted the knives for frosting cakes (Hubby got those for me, too.) and the tackle box to hold my decorating stuff. I have stored all of it in the above box, which works fine. Except that I kept all my decorator tips in a ziploc bag and had to dig through looking for the one I wanted to use. Or line them up on the counter. I had seen a Wilton caddy and thought it was great, But they cost more than I am willing to spend. But I love tackle boxes. I keep my makeup in one and have for years.

So here is what my decorating stuff looks like now:
I love how organized it all is! Now I am ready to decorate some cakes!

I took today off to have a 3 day birthday weekend and Hubby and I went out to lunch, then did a little shopping. Tomorrow Hubby and I will be going to lunch with his mom. Then I plan to relax for the rest of the weekend. Ahhhhh....birthdays and weekends, my favorite!


judy said...

What a great idea! I have all my tips and stuff jammed in bags and containers all over because of how expensive the container was. This is so going on my Christmas list


~Carla~ said...

Great idea! Ive seen these used for craft supplies, etc.. Too! Have a wonderful birthday! :)

slugmama said...

Tackle boxes are great for lots of things besides tackle. I used one for a bead box when I was a teen and then I had one for my colored inks and nibs for my art supplies. I got Daughter one for her make-up years ago too.
They really soak you on these "specialized" "fill in the blank" organizing boxes some art/craft companies sell.
Loving the frugalness of the lowly tackle box!lol

And have a GREAT BIRTHDAY this weekend!!! Hugs Frances!!

Frances said...

Glad I could add an idea to your Christmas wish list, Judy. I love tackle boxes!

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by, Carla.

Frances said...

Sluggy, tackle boxes are the best for makeup. I used one even before someone thought to make special ones for makeup. Too bad I didn't market my idea. I might be rich!

thanks for the birthday hub!