Thursday, March 24, 2011

My mini vacation

Tomorrow our bathtub is being refinished and our apartment manager told us we would need to leave for a couple of days because the smell is so bad. I have talked to a few people that confirmed how awful it is, so we are going on a mini trip tomorrow. I decided to take 2 days off for a lovely four day weekend.

Today, I went and worked out in the morning, then in the afternoon went for my well woman exam. Everything was good and my girl parts are healthy. Yeah, me! After that, Hubby and I went to to the meat market and loaded up our our freezer. I don't even know what all we got, as Hubby called in the order, but it took us 2 trips to bring it up from ther car. We are stocked for quite a while now.

We had Chinese food for dinner, then back home to watch American Idol.

Tomorrow, we will head down to Galeston for a couple of days. We plan to have a great time! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


SonyaAnn said...

Have a wonderful mini vacation!
I've heard that the smell is terrible too.
Have a great weekend and miss me terrible.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I don't have to miss you! Free wifi at our hotel!

McVal said...

Awesome! I wish I could do a mini vacay...

Frances said...

McVal, you SHOULD take a mini vacay sometime. It is so nice to get away even if it is just 50 miles away.