Tuesday, November 10, 2009

20 Pounds of Pork Chops

Yes, I DID buy 20 pounds of pork chops! Kroger had them on sale for $.99/lb and that is CHEAP for any kind of meat lately. Well, except for chicken, but all of us with hubbies know that chicken is not REAL meat. LOL! They were sold in value packs and I ended up getting 4 packs of about 5 lbs each.

I separated the large packs into smaller packs of 2 chops each and have 14 meals of chops in the freezer now. We ate 2 pork chops on Sunday, so we got 15 meals of meat for $20. I was pretty pleased!

I can't find any more deals, as our freezer is jam packed. Oh, wait, if I take out some of the fruit...and make jam....it won't be as packed. LOL!


Pam said...

That is a good deal. I didn't see the value packs of pork, but it's probably just as well. Lately, my daughter has been regaling us with stories of meat processing plants while we try to eat.

Annie Jones said...

Great deal!

BTW, Shane would eat chicken almost every day if I fixed it. It's his favorite meat. (But he likes beef, pork, etc., too.)

Frances said...

Hi, Pam. I, too, have heard meat processing horror stories, but since I don't live on a farm, and can't grow my own, I will just have to buy it. Preferably on sale.

Thanks for stopping by!

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones. I was just making a stereotypical comment. LOL!

Hubby would also eat chicken most nights of the week. Thought he likes other meats, too. He even loves fish. I sure don't have to worry about us getting in a rut.

Thanks for coming to see me!