Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I think I am becoming intolerant.

I try not to be, but it is so darn hard!

It seems like, lately, that more and more things really bug me and make me feel like lots of people are just idiots and I don’t know how they manage to take care of themselves or anything else.  (Oh, and I am really in a good mood today, so this feeling is not just because I am cranky.)

I ride the bus into work every day. It is a nice pleasant ride and I spend the 20 minutes or so reading. It starts for a very relaxing day…except when another rider feels that I MUST be party to their phone conversations. Usually, I just shake my head. If they are really annoying, I plug in earbuds to block them out. The other morning a “girl” behind me…early to mid-twenties…was talking on her phone. I was not eavesdropping as she clearly did not mind everyone hearing her conversation. But she did make the best comment ever: 
“I was worn out yesterday from texting all day.”

It was all I could do not to burst out in hysterical laughter. All I could think was what would this woman do if she had to do any real work. It made me sad for whatever company has hired her or hires her in the future.

Then I got to work and looked around and it is astounding how many people are surfing the internet and/or playing on their personal phones when I walk down the hall to my desk. Admittedly, it is 8 am, BUT many of these people “start” work at 7:30. So how is it fair to the company that they are not actually working?

It is not really my concern, BUT a few months ago, I was “spoken to” about being on the internet. Ummmmmm…I was at lunch…made clear by the fact that it was lunchtime and I had food in front of me. Other members of my team regularly eat at their desks and surf the net, but because “someone” said something and my boss is so concerned with appearances, I had to be spoken to. So, now, I leave my desk and go eat lunch somewhere else. And I am unavailable to my boss for that hour every day. His loss.

Of course, I can look at most other team members at any time during the day and they are on the internet. Sure, they could be researching, but I don’t think any of our jobs have anything to research on Facebook, Yahoo’s entertainment page or on Youtube. Of course, that is just my opinion.

I think maybe my boss says something to me as he knows it will bother me that he might think I was not working when I was supposed to be. Other members don’t care. LOL! Also, his loss.

I was worried that maybe I am just jealous that others get away with what I don’t, but I am worried about the state of my company. If all of these people are surfing, who is doing the work? We find out when we hear of some crisis where something did not get done correctly and everyone needs to drop what they are doing and help get the issue corrected. I just shake my head that any business is run this way.

I also get irritated by people who cannot walk across the street without looking at their phones. Come on people you need to look at the traffic lights…not your phone. If it is so urgent, stop walking. I can’t even count how many people I have told to “stop” because they were so intent on their phones that they didn’t see the train coming. The freaking TRAIN! How can you cross train tracks and not make sure there is no train coming first? But we hear almost weekly about someone getting hit by the train in downtown Houston. I am sure those people thought they had no fault in it. But I can assure you, the train is not invisible and it is not silent.

Oh, yeah, and Hubby and I went to the movie on Sunday. We sat in our preferred spot away from all others in the theater…there were only two other couples there when we sat down. And the very NEXT family of five that walked in sat RIGHT BEHIND US. We are so freaking magnetic!

I guess I could go on all day about things that people do that are so idiotic that it annoys me to no end. Or, I could just try not to think about them. Maybe I will try that for a while. Just be oblivious like everyone else. LOL!

Oh, and I took a break to write and post this. LOL! Why not, everyone else does.


Sonya Ann said...

I don't think that the fault is with you, it is just the way that things are going. I don't understand it.
I would be beyond ticked that your boss spoke with you about what you do on you fricking lunch and yet it is fine for everyone else. To hell with that, start checking out retirement and worry about YOU and not the company!!!!!

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by, SonyaAnn. I just worry for my company. I want it to stay in business long enough for me to retire from it.

Sonya Ann said...

Does your company deserve you? I say no. But I understand wanting to see something to continue on and grow.

Frances said...

Oh, SonyaAnn, you are so good for me! LOL! My company deserves much better than me. Really! Just ask them. Ha!

McVal said...

You are a valued employee who takes her job seriously! It's amazing how many people goof off while they're at work. Those people won't last long. Sometimes I think bosses pick someone who doesn't abuse the system but uses them as an example to set for everyone else.
Example: like when I tell my husband to not leave the fridge open so long because things will warm up in the fridge and go bad. He so rarely does that, but I wanted the kids to hear the message.
Maybe your boss thought it wouldn't bother you to set the example.
I don't know what kind of work you're in, but I hope your company stays in business long enough to retire from it too!

Frances said...

Thanks for coming by, Val. Right now, my company management seems to be letting people get away with a lot. Maybe that is the only way they see to attract "young talent" as that is mostly who you see surfing and texting.

My company is big and nationwide, so it probably will last a while. ;-)

Susie Q said...

OMG! You & I are totally on the same page about technology & it's impact on corporations (lost time!) and people's selfish use of it in public places. Jeesh - wish we could meet up to talk!! Praying for your family & your mom - thoughts & prayers.

Frances said...

Thanks, Susie Q, for stopping by. And thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it.