Monday, March 16, 2015

The biggest check I ever wrote!

I was SO busy on Saturday!

I had to take 2 cats to the vet for shots and one got a follow-up for his asthma diagnosis. I was NOT taking 2 cats at the same time and fortunately, the vet’s new office is right around the corner from our apartment. So I took Max at 8:45 and though he was doing for a couple of weeks after getting antibiotics and steroid shot, he has started breathing a little “harder” a couple of days before the appointment.

We checked in, then were taken to the exam room to wait for the vet and suddenly I heard a strange noise. Max was wheezing! It started right in the exam room. When the vet came in, I told him about it just starting and he said maybe it was anxiety. So he checked Max out and said he sounded okay and we discussed treating the asthma, since he had been doing better. The vet asked if I could give Max pills, which I can, so we decided to try pills for a while to see if that would get him back to breathing normally. The vet did not want to give him another steroid shot in less than a month from the prior one.

Then he went to give docile little Max his first shot and Max went crazy. He has never acted like that. The tech has to wrap him in a towel and hold him down with her whole body. It was CRAZY! They got the first shot in him, then he totally calmed down when he got the other two. Then he went into a full-blown, gasping asthma attack. The vet decided he would give him a pill right then. Once Max calmed down some, he quit gasping, thank goodness! By the time I got him home, he was totally calm and back to breathing close to normally within an hour or so and no more wheezing. Whew!

So I relaxed for a couple of hours then went for round 2 of vet visits. I knew I would have to take Spenser in a carrier as he is not quite as “carryable” as Max. He did NOT like being in the carrier and cried pathetically all the way there. He escaped in the waiting room and gave me and a tech a little exercise. LOL! Once we got him in the exam room, he was a doll. Totally docile, took the shots without a peep and only fussed when he had to go back in the carrier. Except for the running around to catch him, that visit was much easier.

As SOON as I walked in the door, Hubby wanted to know when we could go look at cars. Ugh! I wanted to relax, but knew he would not be happy until we went, so picked up my purse and we headed across town to see the first car he like and fit all his criteria and my price range. I had obtained financing for $10 grand from my credit union and intended to write a check for the balance as I had been saving specifically for a car purchase. On the way I told Hubby that I would NOT write a check for more than $12 grand, so he had to get the walk out price to no more than $22. The car we were going to see had a drive out price of $22,960. I know it was only $960, but I was NOT going over my number. Hubby agreed and was willing to walk if we could not get the price.

We got to the dealership and the salesman was waiting for us. He was very nice got some info, then we went out to test drive. The car was VERY nice. A black 2012 Honda Crosstour with under 40,000 miles, leather interior, sunroof, sub-woofer and even more bells and whistles. That thing was loaded. Hubby did not seem to be in love with it even after driving it. I asked several times if he LOVED it and he would say he really, really liked it. I didn’t think we should buy until he really loved it.

After haggling for a while and finally getting my drive out price of $21,000, Hubby decided he loved it, so we said yes. To make a already long story not much longer, the dealership beat my credit union’s finance rate, so I wrote a check for 11 grand, and financed the balance at 1.99% for 3 years. I plan to pay it off early, of course.

So Hubby is happy and probably out washing his new car right now. I saw some pollen on it this morning. LOL!


slugmama said...

Yikes! Was your hand shaking writing it? lolz I had to write one of those whoppers last May for my car.

It looks like a sweet ride but I know nothing about Hondas.

I hope he enjoys it, and that you recover. hehehe

Sonya Ann said...

Hubs and the car look AWESOME! I'm glad that you were able to get it at such a good price. We are going to need to add a car to our fleet soon but I don't have the stomach to do it yet.
My kitten was so bad once in the vet that the vet tech called him an asshole and the vet suggested getting him declawed soon. I think maybe he wanted to do it right then and there.
When I saw the headline about the biggest check at first I thought it was because of the cats. I was wondering what you were up to.

Frances said...

Sluggy, my hand was NOT shaking. I guess having saved the money for a specific purchase and it being a planned purchase made a difference. I could have financed the whole thing, since we got such a good rate, but I saved the money for the car and I was spending that money for the car. LOL!

We love Hondas! this is our 4th one. We have been driving them since 1998.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I was VERY happy with the price. And Hubby LOVES his new car. He has been showing it off all week. LOL! I have yet to drive it, but I am sure I will like it just fine. I don't want to love it as I don't think I will be driving it that much. Oh well.

And I guess I should be happy that my vet did not call my cat names, since he DID scratch the vet and the tech.

McVal said...

Congrats on the car!!!! We're car shopping too and will write a big fat check for the amount...

Frances said...

Hope you find a great deal, Val!