Monday, February 23, 2015

My husband is not disabled.

It has been 5 months and a week since Hubby had is below the knee amputation or BKA. He has been doing so well and I am super proud of him. He gets around better than he did before his surgery and he has been busy, busy, busy doing stuff around our apartment to get it perfect.

He put up shelves in the outsides storage closet. I snapped a pic. Don't tell him I posted it as  I imagine  he would prefer a fully clothed pic, but it's my blog, right?
He got shelves put up and closet all organized. I guess that was a couple of weeks ago. Then later that week, he had contacted the firewood guy to deliver a load of wood, since we found out we could use our fireplace again.

The wood guy was supposed to show up one morning and never did,. After Hubby called a few times and never getting a return call for a couple of days, he went to Kroger and bought firewood there. He got a lot more wood for the price than he had from the wood guy. Of course, Hubby had to haul it to our patio himself. He just used his wheelchair as a carrier. LOL! He is so clever.

He has spent a lot of time getting the inside of our apartment "perfect." It might not be my style of decorating, but you know what...he is happy and I can live with it. Here is the entertainment center. If it is too busy for you, just look away. LOL!
Our entire apartment is still a work in progress and Hubby is having a grand time.

He informally finished outpatient rehab. I say informally as he he has not gone back for a final evaluation. The last time he went in, he had a small blister caused by his prosthetic leg and was told to stay off of it and come back when it heals. WELL, he he has not been staying off of it, but the blister is slowly bus surely healing. It just takes a while with him and we understand it. In the meantime, he had graduated himself from walking with a cane to walking without one. He just walks around like he owns the place.

And the reason for my title? I was reading some amputee support pages on Facebook this weekend and suddenly realized that I had not once considered that Hubby is now "disabled." In my opinion he is more abled than he was for years.


Linda said...

Well, I heard it called "differently abled." Congratulations to both of you.

Frances said...

I have heard that term, as well, Linda.

I hadn't even thought of needed a term but was reading about "disabilities" and realized that it had not occurred to me to consider Hubby disabled.

One Family said...

That's great he's doing so well!

McVal said...

I'm so glad he's doing well!!!

Sonya Ann said...

My grandfather had BKA and he was as able as the next man. I guess that is why I never see amputees as disabled, I'm enlightened. LOL. But the one problem that he had was blisters. He does need to take at easy until its healed. Tell him Dr. Sonya said so. I also recommend a cocktail before decorating!!!

Frances said...

Hubby really is amazing to me. He is up and around constantly now and just does not want to stop.

I guess seeing people with prosthetic limbs thriving has become so commonplace, it is easy not to consider them disabled.