Thursday, January 29, 2015

I am still here...

I know that I am not nearly as busy as it seems like I am. I am even taking a lunch break today to blog. LOL! I know that SonyaAnn is dying to hear what exciting adventures we have been up to.

Well, Hubby is up and walking! Yeah! Here is a pic of him standing on his own two legs. Yes, one is bionic but it is HIS.

His pants are puffy as he was standing in front of a fan. LOL! He does not have oddly puffy legs. He was using a walker when he walked, but has graduated to walking with a cane and even walks around some with NO support. I am so proud of how well he is doing.

Since he has been more mobile, he has been unpacking boxes of books and pictures and has been "decorating" for a few weeks. We now have no moving boxes to unpack and our walls are getting hung. It is feeling like home. Wait, it has felt like home since we moved in, but now it is looking more cozy.

For about a year, I have been saying we needed a new bed. Of course, Hubby said "Whatever. This one is fine." But it is time. We don't have dips  or sags in the middle, but some springs in the mattress have broken. I just made a  little hole and pulled the broken parts out so we would not get poked. But the sides are less firm due to spring issues. So I have been shopping for a deal.

I finally found a decent price on a mattress that is the same brand as ours, a Serta firm mattress. I was going to order mattress and box springs, but read some bad reviews on the box springs. Then I wondered if I needed to even buy box springs so started researching. The concensus was  that if the "foundation" did not have springs and was still solid, there was no need to replace.

I crawled under the bed and there are no springs in that bad boy and it is WELL made. So, I just ordered a mattress from JC Penney and with the sale and coupon code, I saved 74% off retail! We have to wait a couple of weeks for it, but I don't care. I love a deal and am willing to wait.

I have not been doing much deal shopping because of all the stuff going on here, but did manage to get in a trip to CVS for shampoo, conditioner and stylers to replenish my supply. I paid $2.65 for $56 worth of stuff. I was pumped!

Of course, then we decided we need to start feeding our cats food for sensitive tummies as someone who has been hiding it well has been barfing. We don't know which of the 3 it is, so they will all have to eat different food. That shit is expensive! No more cheap cat food. LOL! I did not buy the cheapest before, but thanks to Hubby they can be finicky so I was getting what they would eat for the best price I could, but $4 - $5 a 3 lb bag was what I was spending. Sensitive tummy stuff is more expensive, but I guess they are worth it. LOL!
I bought new food last Sunday an no one has barfed since we started them on it. I got 3 different kinds as Hubby determines what they like or don't like. I am hoping they work. I tell him if they are hungry enough they will eat it, but he insists they won't. I guess I will let him be right this time.

Work is busy and I go crazy some days. So I am always ready for the weekend!

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McVal said...

Good for hubs!!!
We had a Golden Retriever many years ago that we decided to go cheap and buy Old Roy from Walmart. Apparently Katie (the dog) had a VERY sensitive stomach and couldn't handle it... We came home from work one day and there were PILES of poop everywhere except the carpeting, thank goodness!!! and Katie in the corner of the kitchen looking miserable... We can't do the most inexpensive anymore... But the next step up isn't bad!

Frances said...

Our cats have all been fine with grocery store cat food for years. We never bought no-name brands, just looked for deals.

I read that they can develop allergies to food even after eating it for years. Our big problem is we don't know which food or which cat.

Oh, and we ended up with poop and barf ON the carpeted areas. Thank God I bought a steam cleaner when we moved here!

Sonya Ann said...

Thank you so much for posting about my book and the entry! And you will be happy to know you won!!!!! Yeah, you.
Hubs looks great and I'm so glad about the update. I worry. So what other parts are bionic?

Frances said...

OMG! I won! SonyaAnn, I am so excited!

He only has a bionic leg for now. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

Not that its my business about his bionic parts but it was a question that I just had to ask.

Sonya Ann said...

How's the new mattress?