Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Unexpected blessing....

I think I made it pretty clear here how I felt when our son came to stay with us a couple of weeks ago. We have been busy, busy, busy since then and it has been great. Our son has been so industrious and it kinda rubbed off on me. LOL!

I have been crazy busy at work, so have been working through lunch every day and until 5:30 in the afternoon. My normal hours are 8 - 5 with and hour lunch. I DO get paid for OT, so the larger checks are kinda nice, but they are not large enough to make me want to do this forever.

Without writing a novel, here is what has been done in the last 2 weeks:

  • Hubby took Son to the VA to find out what needed to be done to get his benefits.
  • Hubby hurt his ankle while doing it.
  • Son went to a veteran's job fair and handed out 20 resumes and picked up a lot of information
  • Son applied on-line to a LOT of job offers.
  • I took a day off and went with Son to finish signing up at the VA Hospital for bennies.
  • We went to the local community college and Son talked to the VA rep
  • I went with Son to look at apartments in the area. I made sure to shame anyone that didn't give a discount to veterans. LOL!
  • Son had job interview with Starbucks for a shift manager position
  • Son had interview with a company for a route salesman position.
  • Son interviewed with HR, hiring manager, branch manager and regional manager. 
  • Son went on ride along to see how he would like the job.
  • Son has been following up with unemployment office who still hasn't been able to get his UI bennies straight.
  • Son registered with the school, though not for classes and is scheduled to attend orientation to see what he would like to take
  • Son has second interview with Starbucks and was offered job.
  • Son considering lower paid Starbucks job and attending college full time. Yesterday, Son gets voicemail that second company is interested in him for 2 positions; the one he applied for and one as the Facility Health and Safety Coordinator for REALLY GOOD SALARY. He was so excited and is weighing all options.
As you see, Son has not been lazing around doing nothing. Oh, and there is other stuff he has been doing. I just hit the high points.

The unexpected blessing is that Hubby and I have gotten to spend SO much time with Son. It has been such a pleasure and such a blessing to spend time with the young man the Army sent back to us. He was always a joy, but now he is a man and a wonderful man at that. My heart just bursts with joy pretty much all day long. 

Yes, I am a sap.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Sonya Ann said...

He is amazing and so are you. I think he is going to do awesome things. He just needed a little help and a reminder of why he is such a great person. We all need a helping hand and encouragement. He is lucky that you are his mom.
I'm just amazed how much he has done and so quickly. He really needed to be with you.

Frances said...

Awww...SonyaAnn, thank you! He is in such a better place than he was a couple of weeks ago. He now has 3 job offers! He is going to talk to someone on Monday to decide which one to take. He is so industrious and it has rubbed off on me. I have not spent one day just sitting around since he came.

I am a little tired. LOL!

ND Chic said...

My husband is a veteran and he was able to get his current job at the local state college because of his veterans preference. He likely wouldn't have gotten it otherwise. Just something to consider.

Frances said...

Thanks, ND Chic! Our son has been working his tail off looking for jobs. He actually is talking with a pretty large company that is really interested in him. He is hoping to get a job there as he really likes the people he has talked to and there is a lot of growth potential. If not, he will keep looking.