Wednesday, May 1, 2013

“I need to run by Aldi and pick up some milk.”

I was driving home from the park and ride after a long day at work, (Poor me…sitting at a desk all day.) when Hubby called me to tell me he had just left his doctor’s office. He said, “You may beat me home because I need to run by Aldi and pick up some milk.”

Not a big deal to some people but considering his reaction on our first trip to Aldi, I was pretty impressed. He has now gone twice on his own and twice with me. He didn’t love the first trip, but on subsequent trips, the store has not been quite so crowded.

He does love the prices on milk and bread, so we have not bought either at Kroger since our Aldi opened. Yeah!!

He went once on his own, I think the week before last, to get milk and bread and was shocked that he only spent $10 on that an a few other items.

I don’t know why we run out of milk and bread during the week. LOL! We would always stock up on sale and freeze both, but Aldi prices are so good we don’t have to catch them on sale.

Still loving our Aldi!


Sonya Ann said...

I'm standing right next to you singing their praise!

Frances said...

Still loving my Aldi!!!