Sunday, June 10, 2012

The clearance sticker almost fooled me.

It's confession time.

I went grocery shopping today and was in the "health food" section of the store when I spotted the bright orange stickers that yell "great deal". I walked over and there were stacks of Jillian Michaels protein powder. I have been using this to make a breakfast drink that I have been drinking instead of eating a bunch of calories in the morning.

I have been buying it from Amazon, mainly because I had some $$ there from surveys. But you all know me, I am going for the good deal.

The protein powder was marked "was $13.99, now $9.99". So, I threw 2 in my cart. I walked up the aisle, thinking "I should buy some more. I am just going to buy it anyway." So I headed back to get it.

Then stopped dead in my tracks.

I remembered it only costs $9.92 on Amazon.

Yes, it was cheaper on Amazon.

I thought, "How stupid am I?" And put those two cannisters back.

Thank God I remembered BEFORE I took 10 cannisters to the register. LOL!

Whew! Lesson learned: Pay more attention when I am shopping.


slugmama said...

Hey! It's easy to do.....blinded by the clearance sign and not remembering what you paid elsewhere. Could have happened to any of us.
And you could have returned all 10 to the store so don't be so hard on yourself. ;-)

~Carla~ said...

I hate when I see something on clearance but can STILL get it cheaper somewhere else... lol!

McVal said...

lol! Those darn clearance signs!

Anonymous said...

I noticed my one local market has been putting stickers on that say managers special but not dollar off coupons. I actually put two in my cart before I caught it myself.

Good catch