Monday, December 28, 2009

Cheese and diamonds!

What do these two things have in common???

They are both gifts I received from Hubby for Christmas! LOL! I absolutely LOVE Horseradish White Cheddar Cheese. Kroger carries Boar's Head brand for $8.99/lb. See why I don't buy it for myself?!

But Hubby went to Target and got me 2 POUNDS of their brand for the amazing price of $5.99/lb. I would not buy it myself even at that price, but it made a great Christmas gift! Oh, and a round of Brie cheese, which I will rarely buy for myself as well.

And he surprised me with a lovely diamond bracelet that I have not taken a picture of yet. I got some other things, like perfume, a cutting board and a kitchen stool I asked for, but the cheese and diamonds were a total surprise!!

I got other lovely gifts, but another really great one was from my SIL. 2 new cases of jelly jars! WooHoo! I would have taken empty old ones, but jars are jars and I was excited!

The best gifts, of course, were getting to spend time with my 3 kids and 3 grandsons. I will put up some pictures when I get a chance. (I realized too late that I didn't get any of us together!. Oops!)

Hope everyone had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!


Annie Jones said...

Can't wait to see a photo of your bracelet!

Shane and I don't exchange gifts anymore, but somehow I ended up with a new electric blanket under the tree. It's twin size, meant for me to use as a throw while I'm lounging on the couch. I love it!

A.Marie said...

The cheese sounds wonderful!! YAY for hubby! :)

Can't wait to see the pics that you post!

SonyaAnn said...

WOW! You are spoiled! And I'm so glad that you got to see everyone.
Just one question, does hubs kiss you after you eat the Horseradish White Cheddar Cheese? Sounds good and slightly stinky!

Frances said...

Hi, Annie Jones! Your blanket sounds great!

Hubby likes to buy me gifts all year long. LOL! He goes crazy at Christmas. Fortunately, we save all year just for Christmas, so no credit card debt.

Frances said...

Hi, A.Marie, thanks for coming to see me. Hubby is a good gift giver. LOL!

SonyaAnn, I AM spoiled! And Hubby will kiss me anytime. LOL! The cheese is not stinky at all. It smelled like cheddar. It is spicy though! And delicious!

Debbie said...

I love great cheese but I am way too cheap to buy it for myself.
That was a nice gift:)

Frances said...

Hi, Debbie! Thanks for coming by!

I love ANY cheese, but usually manage to make myself stick to what is on sale. LOL! I love that Hubby gets me things I love!

Wait, I just love that Hubby gets me. LOL!