Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colonoscopy, anyone?

Hubby decided that since he is “over 50” he needed to do the over 50 medical stuff. He already has had most of it done. He has been tested, poked and prodded a LOT over the last few years. I can LOL, ‘cause it was not me that was getting poked and prodded.

One test Hubby has not had was a colonoscopy, so he decided he should get that done. So, we spent Labor Day with Hubby on his liquid diet preparing for the test on Tuesday. He didn’t think it was too bad….the stuff he had to drink wasn’t as bad as he was expecting, there was just a lot of it.

I on the other hand, was STARVING all day! I didn’t want to cook anything that smelled delicious, as I didn’t want Hubby to suffer by smelling something he couldn’t eat. So, I nibbled on COLD stuff all day and was starving.

Yesterday, the test went well and when we got home, I made a cake! LOL! It was the best tasting cake I ever had! It was marble with chocolate frosting. Yummy!

Oh, and despite the fact that I am over 50 and “they” say I should have a colonoscopy, I do not plan to.

So there!

Oh, yeah. I now have a set of full color pictures of my Hubby's colon. I am living the dream!


Lindsay said...

Color pictures!!! eeek!!! I've never heard of that before! I've never had one done but know many people who have... I don't think they are so bad but the whole fasting and then drinking the juice is the worst! Glad your hubs is okay!

Annie Jones said...

That last paragraph made me LOL! :)

frugal southern mom said...

Been there done that!Don't want to do anytime soon! I am glad hubby did well!

Frances said...

Thanks for coming to see me, Lindsay, Annie Jones and frugal southern mom.

Yes, color pictures. No, I won't post them. LOL!

Helene said...

My boss was into that. He went several times.
My doc suggested it once. No way, no how. Not gonna.

Frances said...

Hi, Helene. Thanks for stopping by.

I am all about being healthy, but there are some tests, I prefer to pass on.

Anonymous said...

Could you be any funnier?

Frances said...

I could try, SonyaAnn! I want to be just like you!