Sunday, June 6, 2010

What a great weekend I had!

I finally got around to finishing this.

I got to spend time with this handsome young man! (I didn't take any pics, so swiped this off his Facebook. LOL!Thursday afternoon, Hubby called me at work to say that Chance was on his way to our house. He had a 4 day weekend and was coming for a visit. We were totally excited, since we have not seen him since Christmas! I was getting all my news from his Facebook, MySpace and whatever his sisters heard.

He spent Thursday night with us, so I left work an hour early. I got to talk to him for about an hour and a half, all by myself, while Hubby went to a doctor appointment. Then that evening, our daughter, Samantha, and her boyfriend, John, came over and we went and ate Chinese. Then back to our house for visiting until I was about to pass out. LOL! It was only 10pm, but I knew I would have to be up early.

Friday, I worked, of course. Chance went and picked up our grandson, Jacob, and then the two of them and Hubby went to visit with MIL. She was so excited to see Chance and Jacob. (She sees Hubby all the time, LOL!) The visited into the evening, then Hubby came home and Chance came to pick up his stuff to go spend the night at MIL's. She was so excited! He stayed and visited for about an hour.

The next evening, Hubby, Chance and Sam went to an Astros game, so I had a relaxing evening at home. On Sunday afternoon, Chance and Jacob came over and spent a couple of hours before Chance had to head back to base. He had gotten to see his aunt and uncle while at MIL's, so they all had a nice visit. It was so fun to see Jacob and he was excited to see us.

Sadly, Chance's divorce is final (yes, at 21). Happily, he is not bitter about it and seems a lot happier than he did when they were married. He is still a great daddy and sees Jacob as often as he can.

We were discussing his cooking, which he claims is not that good and I asked if he would like for me to find him and easy cookbook. He said that would be "awesome." I told him I would find one and some weekend, his dad and I would come visit and I would give him some cooking lessons. He thought that was even more awesome. He really does know how to cook some. I think he just is bored with what he knows how to cook. He is great at following recipes. He made blueberry pies when he was 9 and they turned out great. LOL!

I loaded him up with groceries and HBA and he was thrilled. We all had a pretty thrilling weekend. LOL!


slugmama said...

Oh that was so great ya'll got a long weekend to see & be with Chance. Sounds like everyone had a good weekend there... 8-)

Frances said...

We sure did, Sluggy! Thanks for coming to see me.

SonyaAnn said...

You are a wonderful mom!!! I'm so glad that he came to see you and I'm sure that you will find a wonderful cookbook. There might be a few cheap recipes that you could print out on

Just a thought!

SonyaAnn said...
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SonyaAnn said...

My comment posted twice! I just like you that much!

Frances said...

I knew you loved me, SonyaAnn!

I actually have found a beginner cookbook on Amazon. It is supposed to have a lot of useful info and beginner instructions, like how to boil water. LOL! How beginner is that?!

I have a lot of easy recipes, but I thought a beginner cookbook would be the best start.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I didn't realize you had a son in the Army!!! Thank him for his service from us. HOOAH!!

Frances said...

I sure do, Jeannie. He signed up when he was 17 and went in when he graduated. He has served one tour in Iraq, where he turned 20. He is now 21 and just re-enlisted and will head to Afghanistan in November.

Joining the Army is the best thing that ever happened to him. He has matured and is a very grown up young man now.

We are all so proud of him!