Monday, June 1, 2009

Hubby's feet....

Here is a pic of Hubby's feet. With the ever present wheelchair in the background. (Doesn't he have pretty knees? LOL!) He thought it was funny that I took this pic, but I told him I had to blog about him.

He has had many surgeries on his feet over the years, but hopefully this is the last one. We are not telling many people, but since no one that reads this knows his mom (who we are really keeping it from), this surgery removed his last 2 toes on his left foot. He has lost the rest over the years. (We say lost like he just can't find them. LOL!) He has had neuropathy in both feet for years, so the dr said it was inevitable that he would lose them.

On the other foot, the dr did some reshaping to remove and ulcer and a pressure point. And he did a procedure on both achilles tendons to improve how his foot hits the ground so he will not have pressure points that could ulcerate. There...that explained the surgery in not too graphic a manner.

Hubby has been getting around really well in wheelchair, even though our apartment is not wheelchair friendly. LOL! But we manage with what we have. We had a follow up visit with the doctor and he is very pleased with how well Hubby is following orders and how well his feet look. Yeah!! (I had asked the doctor is he would just come to our house, but he said he couldn't. Though he did introduce us to his newest resident as long time friends and one patient. So I guess he redeemed himself. LOL!)

One really great thing that has come out of all this is that Hubby finally decided he is ready to quit smoking, so he started taking Chantix this weekend. We are very fortunate that my insurance covers it 100%!

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes from everyone! I have passed them along to Hubby and he is really touched that people he doesn't know are pulling for him. I told him that I only blog with the nicest people. (Though I didn't tell him about SonyaAnn's naughtiness! LOL!


Helene said...

Was waiting for an update. I've dealt with people (ex, neighbor, family friends) who have/had diabetes for years so I completely understand.
Glad all went well if it had to be done at all.
He's our tv star after all ! :-)

I'm still touched that SonyaAnn found me out of nowhere and introduced me to you and A. Marie. Works for me :-)

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by, Helene.

It is amazing that we all found each other. SonyaAnn is a magnet, isn't she?!

Boondock Ma (Kim's Mom) said...

Thanks for the update! I'm really impressed by the feeling of optimism and cheerfulness that comes through in your posts. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you!

Re SonyaAnn, I keep forgetting to ask her how she found me. She really is a fun gal, and has introduced me to so many really cool folks like you :)

Frances said...

Thanks, Boondocks Ma! Thank you so much for the prayers. We have been told by a lot of medical people that we are the most upbeat patients they have. We figure that we might as well be happy, since being miserable won't make things any better. LOL!

I am so blessed to have a husband that shares my optimism about life.

I don't know how I met up with SonyaAnn, either!! But I am sure glad we all did!

Anonymous said...

I love you!!!
I'm glad that he is doing better. I'm sorry for all the suffering, though. Please give him a big hug from me. And I'll save the naughty stuff for you, Frances!
You all have left the most wonderful comments about me. I don't deserve them but I'll relish in them! I pretty much found you all by being a stalker. Just looking around at other blogs. I kind of fly off on a tangent in life and on line. Just poking around is all. And how funny is it that I'm writing about a stalker in my book, I'm being stalked by DH's psycho Aunt and I'm stalking all of you. Karma at work!!!
Give hubs a hug and tell him that I was praying for him.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I love you, too! Not in a weird or lesby-friends way...well not totally. LOL!

You are stalking us in a good way. Keep up that kind of stalking.

Together We Save said...

Glad to see things are going well. All that surgery sounds aweful. I hate anything to do with feet. Glad he has decided to stop smoking.

Anonymous said...

Stalk, stalk, stalk in a sexual sort of way!

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Best wishes for hubby's quick recovery and yea!! no smoking!!! This is fabulous news. :-)

Frances said...

Thanks for stopping by Together We Save and Valerie! And thanks for the well wishes.

Thanks, SonyaAnn, for the continued stalking. I think I am getting crush on you! LOL!

C. Louis Wolfe said...

OH NO- That's awful. I will NEVER EVER take my ugly, nasty, feet for granted again!

Seems like you both have a pretty positive outlook on the whole thing, which I ADMIRE. I'm not so sure I'd handle it as well.

As for the wheel chair, why don't you get one too & you can play bumper-cars. The loser has to gas-up & wax the other's chair, or at least spring for a meal?

Yes I know, not particularly helpful. :~(

That's great that hubby's giving smoking the boot (lame pun intended). I lost my mother to it & it was a terrible, terrible, thing!

Lastly Frances, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to check out my blog. I promise to thrill you w/nothing & boredom if ever your GPS fritzes & you end up there again! :^)

I enjoyed looking over your blog, however it makes me feel utterly single & childless, which I am! ;-)~

Frances said...

C. Louis Wolf, thanks SO much for dropping by! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and will be back, so keep writing interesting stuff. I don't want to get there and have nothing to read.

As for the wheelchair bumpercars, though Hubby would thoroughly enjoy it, I think I will pass. Though, when he is able to walk again, I may take my turn in the chair and let him wait on me. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.

There is not a thing wrong with being single and childless. I was both for many years until I met my sweetie and his wonderful kids. And I was happy then, too! (I guess I must just be a happy person. LOL!)

A.Marie said...

Oh, I feel sooooo bad...I have been such a bad bloggy friend lately. I haven't checked in on you, or your tv star, in awhile, and look what happens! Tell hubby that I am definitely thinking of him, and will include him in my prayers. I will also pray for strength, for you, so you can help your dear hubby thru all of this!! :)

I don't even know how I found SonyaAnn....somehow she found my little blog, and from there, I met you and Helene and Jules, and Boondock Ma, and so many others! She gets around, doesn't she! HA! :):)

Lola said...

Best of luck on quitting smoking.

Frances said...

Don't worry, A. Marie. I have been so busy that I haven't even been on the computer since Thursday night! And it's Sunday night! I never go this long without getting on line. LOL!

Thanks for thinking about us!

Lola, thanks for stopping by!

Dan River Mama said...

Bless his heart! I hope he feels better real soon...

P.S. I You have an award on my site, posted Sunday.


Frances said...

Hi, Dan River Mama! Thanks for adding me to your Blog Crush list!