Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Last night I went to my first Bunco game!

I was talking to my best girlfriend, yesterday, and she told me she could not go work out after work as she had to sub in her mother's Bunco game. I LOL'd that she would have to spend the evening with a bunch of old ladies. (I am so mean!)

About 30 minutes later, she called me back and said, "Mother said to tell you she needs you tonight. They had another player call out sick." OH NO!!! Mother guilt! Well, of course I had to say yes. Rhonda has been my best girl for almost 33 years, so her mom has been my other mom for the same length of time.

I must say, I didn't dread it as much as I thought I would. My "other mom" used to run a catering/floral business, SO the fact that she was hosting meant that there would be some incredible food. So, I went ahead and started salivating early in the day. I got there around 6:15, a little before everyone else, to see if I could help, but all was under control and I really started salivating when I smelled BBQ! Yummy!

People started arriving and, lo and behold, it was not a bunch of old ladies! Actually, 2 players were younger than Rhonda and me....way younger. LOL! So, we were in the middle age bracket. I had never played, but everyone was so nice and ready to teach newbies and I quickly got the hang of it. Especially after my first Bunco was swiped!!

I only had 2 Buncos and won 5 games, so had the lowest number of wins. BUT I ended up with the last Bunco, so got the hostess gift which was $30!! "Mom" had been telling us earlier that the only thing she didn't like about hosting was getting the gift since there were such varied tastes in the group, so she just started giving money. The perfect size and perfect color for everyone.

So, my first Bunco night was a lot of fun and quite profitable!! I said I would be happy to sub again if needed. Now, I am really tired today. LOL!


Helene said...

I still have not figured out what Bunco actually is :-(

Now that it has cooled a bit I am going to make your cranberry almond thingy soon.

How's hubby doing?

Frances said...

Bunco is a dice game. I had to go look on-line to find out what is was. It was really easy, since I jsut did what I was told. LOL!

Enjoy the cranberry almond bread! It is really delish. Oh, and it freezes well, in case you want to freeze a loaf.

Hubby is doing well. I will update about him soon.

Anonymous said...

This looks like to much fun. I wished that you lived closer. We would have a ton of fun together.

Frances said...

I KNOW, SonyaAnn! I wish we lived closer,too.

And Bunco turned out to be a lot more fun than I anticipated!