Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls Giveaway!

To start the week off right, take time out to create a sweet Sunday morning moment with your family with Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls. Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls are warm, fresh, and ready to serve in just minutes. With an ooey-gooey texture and a delicious orange icing, Orange Sweet Rolls have a mouth watering aroma that is sure to bring your family together like no other breakfast!

Packed with the love and flavor of a treat made from scratch, but without the time and cleanup, Orange Sweet Rolls are the perfect addition to your family’s Sunday morning traditions.

That is from MyBlogSpark. I received a great "Sweet Sunday Morning Moments" from Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark. Last night. It included a coupon for a free package of Pillsbury sweet rolls and a really great photo album to capture the sweet moments shared with family.

How, you ask, can I tell you about a product when I only got the coupon last night? Surely I did not run to the store last night and bake orange rolls this morning. Well, you are right. However, I have made Pillsbury Orange Rolls on many, many occasions, as they are one of my family's favorite sweet rolls. With their delicious orange flavor, I can't think of a more deliciuos way to start the day.

Sure, I could make orange sweet rolls from scratch. And I actually did....one time. LOL! I decided Pillsbury Orange Rolls were much easier to bake and just as delicious as my homemade.

Pillsbury and MyBlogSpark are giving one of my readers their own "Sweet Sunday Morning Moments" gift pack! For a chance to win, tell us about a sweet moment you have had with your family (or funny, or goofy!). That's all! No tweeting, blogging or following required. You can, however, enter more than once! One entry per story you share.

I will have Hubby pick a number Saturday night, February 20. If he picks your post, you will win your own gift pack from MyBlogSpark. (He doesn't read my blog, so there will be no cheating. It will be totally random.) I will announce the winner on Sunday and send you an email.

Good luck!
NOTE: I just can't help responding to comments, so if Hubby picks one of mine, I will have him pick again. LOL!


Pam said...

Yum! I love these. I haven't had them in a long time either.
Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Ok Frances, nothing mushy here. My sweetest family moment is when my 2 oldest daughters are not fighting, its sure bliss here!Please enter me I love and need gooey rolls, yum!

Luvdaylilies said...

As nutty as it may sound one of the sweetest family moments I've had was when my Son(21) and teen daughter showed up where I work totally out of the blue to bring me a lunch! I was so surprised & of course everyone at the office just thought I have the greatest kids=) (I do have great kids, don't I?)
Thanks bunches for the chance & good luck to all!
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

Frances said...

Hi, Pam, thanks for entering!

Frances said...

Marilyn's Money, I know just what you mean! It is always heaven when your kids are getting along.

Frances said...

Luvdaylilies, that is a wonderful memory. What thoughtful kids!

Helene said...

Sweet family moment? When my grandson says "I love you too, gwamma!" before I leave for work every day.

Great new pictures btw.

Haven't been around much-was sick all winter.

Frances said...

Helene, what a great family moment! I love it!

Sorry you have not been feeling well. I had noticed that you haven't been around. Hope you are getting better.

McVal said...

Our sweet family moments would be on Sunday mornings to tell my youngest to wake up the others by whispering "waffles" in their ears. It used to come out "wassles" so that's been our favorite thing to whisper on Sunday mornings.

SonyaAnn said...

Yay! Free food and tell sweet knees to pick me!
And it's me we don't have sweet moments around here. We only have heart stopping or screamingly painful!

Frances said...

Hi, McVal! Wassles!! SO cute! Thanks for sharing.

SonyaAnn, your family is sweet. They just hide it under the heart stopping. LOL!

Thanks for entering!

Karin said...

One sweet moment-- my dad seeing an ad for a pretty heart shaped necklace and asking me to fill out the form for him so he could get it for my mom for Valentine's Day. He wasn't much for romance so this was unexpected.

karin56381 (at) gmail.com

Frances said...

Karin, that WAS sweet! I love hearing when non-romantic guys do something romantic. It makes it even sweeter.

Good luck!