Friday, February 26, 2010

My hubby is so sweet!

Hubby went camping about a month ago, in between surgeries. LOL! While he was camping he lost his cellphone. (That is not the sweet part.) We have Tracfones, since we are not big cell users and he has had his for 3 or 4 or maybe more years. Oh, and it was free, so it is not like he lost an expensive phone. I don't think we can recover the minutes, since he doesn't remember how many he had on it, but we don't keep a ton of minutes on either phone. And we can recover the number. He said he doesn't care if he gets the same number, but I told him it would be easier for his mom. And I don't want to learn a new one, either. LOL!

So, Tracfone had a great deal last week. A Samsung T301G - it has a camera and web browser (refurbished, but looks brand new), double-minutes for life to double the minutes we add, a 60 minute card and free shipping for $18.XX (I had a coupon code.) It was a great deal!
So the phone arrives and it is REALLY cool. I kinda want it, but don't say anything. I show it to Hubby and tell him I will get it activated and transfer his number to it, then I will enter all the numbers he wants to put in it. Hubby likes a phone that you just pick up and use. None of this programming stuff.

I told him I thought it was pretty cool and he said, "Do you want to trade?" Huh? I like my phone, it is a little Motorola and kinda cool, but nowhere near this one. But I just got it a year ago, so don't plan to replace it soon. I told him no, that I got the new phone for him. And I did NOT say it in a whiney-I-wish-I-had-the-new-one way. LOL!

Then he said, "No, really, I like yours better. Can't we just trade?" I told him we could think about it. I could have my number transferred to the new one, then his number transferred to my old one, but I just feel kinda mean making him have an old phone and me get a new one when I just got a new one a year ago. He really doesn't use his a lot. I don't use mine much more, but I do always have it one, so people that have the number can always reach me.

So, I have to figure out is Hubby just being sweet letting me have the new cool toy, or does he really not care one way or the other. Either way, he is a sweety-pie.

Happy weekend to all my bloggy friends!


Jules said...

That is really sweet!

Unrelated - like your new profile page photo. Great pic of you and your hubby with wig.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Frances said...

Hi, Jules. Thanks for coming to see me. Hubby does look pretty cute in that wig. LOL!

Queenie Jeannie said...

That's so sweet! Enjoy your new phone!!! For me? I could care less because I rarely even turn mine on, lol! My husband has the state of the art, does all the tricks kinda phone.

I'm old school - I just want a phone to make calls, lol!

Frances said...

Hi, Queenie Jeannie. I am pretty much like you about cell phones. I want it to turn on and make a call. LOL! But, I AM a little geeky and do like cool tech toys, if they don't cost me too much.

SonyaAnn said...

That was soooo sweet. And I so would have said it in a whiney voice.
He is wonderful and you are so blessed!

Frances said...

Hubby IS sweet and I am totally blessed. But I figured out that he would HATE the new phone. It is more complicated than his old one. I might end up looking for one like his old one, since I don't know if he will even like my old phone. He likes to turn it on and call.