Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love Kroger!

I really do! I usually go grocery shopping on Saturday, sometimes Sunday. But this weekend, I as busy on both days, and since I was off on Monday, I decided to go then.
First off, what is WITH people that shop during the week? I have never seen so many people yelling into their cell phones and yelling for other people. You know, one person is in your aisle, but starts yelling for some one not in that aisle. I only hope that it is for someone in the next one, and not that my store is full of invisible people. And loonies that talk to them. Of course, they could have all just had a day off like me. But they were whacked!
Well, besides those little annoyances, had a great trip. I only went for some deals and milk, but as I was walking out of the apartment, hubby handed me his list, which included a bunch of produce. (He had a roast in the crockpot and needed veggies.)
With the sale and coupons, I got a lot of great freebies and cheapies! BBQ Sauce free, Cool Whip for $.50/tub, salad dressing for $.19/bottle. I also got 5 12 packs of Dr. Pepper products for $8! On sale 5/$10 and I had 2 $1 coupons. I don't find Dr. Pepper coupons often. I was pretty happy.
I found a nice roast in the manager's bargain bin for $4.06. It is in the freezer now. I bought a few frozen dinners. Hubby is having surgery, so was worried I would not have enough lunches. LOL!
The best thing I found was Kroger brand Claritin in the clearance section. 90 pills for $2.49!! I bought 4 boxes. That is a year's worth of claritin for $10! I use it every day, so was happy about that find. The regular price was $24.99/bottle!! I saved $22.50/bottle!
I ended up spending $47.47, and saved $50.70! 52%! Not the greatest, but I had to buy produce...some not on sale....and drugs, so I am not complaining a bit. It was a good day!!
I didn't give more details about the deals, as this is the last day of the sale. Besides all of you that have Kroger probably already did the deals for this sale. LOL!

I tried to space this into separate paragraphs, but it did NOT work.


Helene said...

My favorite is the people on the hands-free cell phones that sound as if they are talking to themselves.

If I am not at the store by 7 am I wait. I can't handle people :-)

I went to our Kroger offshoot- Food4Less (has Kroger brands). I used my coupons, knocked the total to less than half and the cashier said "wow! you did good!" and then she proceeded to tell the guy behind me "she did great with those coupons!" A California Pizza Kitchen chef who wasn't impressed though I had offered to let him go ahead of me since he had only a few items.

Frances said...

I think it is funny to see people walking around with the blue tooth in their ear constantly, like they are SO important. I probably wouldn't be snarky about them, except that when our daughter-in-law had our grandson, we met her stepdad for the first time and he never took that thing out of his ear. Come ON...you are meeting your kid's in-laws. At least ACT like you care. LOL!

Yeah for the great savings, Helene! My cashiers rarely comment, since they expect me to hand over a stack of coupons. LOL!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You did really good. I always love hearing about other peoples deals. And what's wrong with Hubs? Or is it none of my business and I should get bent!

Frances said...

I would never tell you to get bent, SonyaAnn! Well, unless you wanted me to. LOL!

I will go blog about Hubby's surgery.