Monday, January 19, 2009

I went negative!!!

For the first time, EVER, I went negative at Walgreens. Well, at anywhere, since it never happened before. I went just to get some of what were good deals for me. My store didn't have everything in stock, so it threw my total off a little, but way more than I expected. LOL!

I got:

1 4 roll double pack Angel Soft
2 25 ct boxes of Electrasol powerball tabs (used raincheck from last week)
1 tube Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste
1 tube Aquafresh Whitening toothpaste
2 Glade sprays
1 plastic bowl ($ this because I had more coupons than items and can use it at work.)

I got to the register and the cashier rang up all my stuff, then started ringing coupons. I used store coupons and mfr coupons on every item except the bowl, then used 1 $5 RR from last week. I was just watching to be sure that he scanned each one and when he stopped, we both looked at the total and our jaws dropped.

It was...... $-.01

I said "That had never happened to me before." and the cashier said it hadn't happened to him either. I was a little flustered and there was a line behind me, so I looked around for something cheap to throw in. The cashier suggested chapstick, but there was NO way I was paying $1.89 for chapstick! I grabbed a $1 bag of yogurt covered pretzels. (Yummy!) so paid $1.08.

I was so excited!! I could hardly wait to get home and tell DH about my first negative trip. Oh, and I get $1.50 rebate on the Electrasol. I spent $1.08 and saved $22.10!

Great day at Walgreens!!! Ahhhhhhhh!


Frugalicious said...

Awesome Trip! I went negative once and the guy was laughing! It was funny! Awes Trip!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

The closest I've come to this (since I don't use coupons or shop at Walmart!) was finding money on the street while going to garage sales. And last week I bought a neat box for $2 and found a quarter inside--which I will put to good use at the next sale I go to!