Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hickory Farms Deal

Okay, I know this deal has been around for a while...75% off at Hickory Farms. I have even seen some people blog about it, like Tracey. I had looked around, but hadn't gotten around to ordering anything. I really am TOO cheap!

But JANE4girls reminded me that I DO have a son deployed to Iraq! Well, she didn't remind's not like we can forget. But she was right about it being a great idea to ship Chance something from Hickory Farms, since everything is 75% off. And Erin mentioned another 15%, so I knew there had to be a code somewhere and went searching. I found that code 833551 gets 15% off, so used it. I bought this:

and this:

Meat, cheese and cookies! What more can young soldiers want! The best thing is that I only paid $15.32 for $72 worth of stuff. OH, OH, OH! and Hickory Farms ships free to APO addresses, so free shipping! I was going to order one of the huge gift boxes, but got the message that it can't be shipped where I wanted to ship it. So a 5 lb box and some cookies will have to be enough....for now.

It does take 3 - 4 weeks for delivery according to the site, but....and here is the best part.....Chance is coming home this weekend for his mid tour leave. He will be home for 18 days then go back. So these goodies should get there right around the time he gets back!

We are very excited that Chance is getting this leave, though we are trying not to get too excited. He is married with a darling little boy and he has been missing his family terribly and they him. We have told him that we want to see him, but if they want to spend his entire leave with just the 3 of them, we understand. We miss him, but his wife and baby come before any of the rest of us.

So, we are hoping to see him, but won't be too sad if we don't get to, since we know he is getting to see his wife and baby.

We WILL get to see him when his deployment ends in June, 09! His wife will just have to share, then! LOL!

We WILL also get to see our oldest daughter, Meredith, and our grandbaby, Theo, pretty soon, as they will be flying from California to see Chance while he is on leave.

AND our middle daughter, Samantha, is back from Germany where she was studying last semester. One more semester here and she graduates from college.

Our kids will all be back on Texas soil! (For a little while, at least.) Yeehaa!


JANE4girls said...

glad you got in on the deal. You need to tell yourself you DON'T have to share with his wife, just the baby.

Frances said...

LOL! Erin, we are trying to be the NICE in-laws.