Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two weeks after cataract surgery.

Well, I am actually 4 weeks post-op for my left eye and 2 weeks post-op for my right eye. And I have to say I am very, very pleased.

My distance vision in both eyes is crystal clear. Something I have NEVER had. I was diagnosed as being extremely nearsighted when I was 6, so I have never had clear distance vision. I guess I thought everyone saw stuff that was in the distance as blurry. I still am amazed to be able to look down the hall at work and see things so clearly. Or to be able to see cars and street signs so clearly that are WAY DOWN THE STREET. It really is pretty incredible. I have worn glasses all my life and contact lenses for about 20 years and never was my vision corrected to this clarity.

The surgeries were not painful at all. I have heard that some placed give shots to numb the eye, but mine was numbed with drops. No needles were ever used near my face. I did have IVs in the back of my hand each time. I was told that I was given Valium to help me to be calm. I laughed and told them both times that I could not be much calmer or I would be asleep. I was not nervous for either surgery. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if I did get Valium as I did not feel anything. I was told I would feel drowsy but I didn’t. I felt wide awake and alert the entire time. And that was not just my imagination. Hubby told me that I did not seem to have had any anesthesia. I was also told that I would probably want to nap when I got home. I did not. So it was a very mild dose, I guess.

I did not get patches over my eyes after surgery. Just walked out and went home wearing my own sunglasses. And they worked just fine. After the first surgery, we went through a drive thru and picked up some lunch. We got home and I settled in my recliner and kept the room pretty dim since my eye was still dilated, but I was not at all sleepy.

The only rough part was like I wrote about previously about it being hard to see between surgeries. I will tell you, anyone that is extremely nearsighted that intends to have vision correcting lenses inserted when they need to have cataract surgery, needs to have both eyes done as closely together as possible. The time between surgeries was awful for me. I ended up being off work for 14 days instead of the 7 days I had planned. I could have used short term disability, but I have a ton of vacation days, so just used those. I thought I would be worried about missing work, but it would have been pointless for me to go in as I could not sit in front of a computer for more than an hour without getting eye strain and a little dizzy.

I did not read much in between as it just was not comfortable. I just binge watched tv and movies. I became addicted to Law and Order SVU, a show I had never watched before, and got through many seasons of it on Hulu. LOL!

The second surgery was as easy as the first. No pain whatsoever. After it was done, Hubby and I opted to stop at a Denny’s for breakfast as my surgery was at 7:30 am. The only issue I had was that everything was really bright as my right eye was still dilated, so I just kept my sunglasses on most of the time. I didn’t even think about bringing reading glasses, so Hubby had to order for me as I could not read the menu. LOL!

The next day I could see so clearly! It was excellent. At my follow-up appointment, my dr. said my eye looked so good that he lifted the driving restriction, so as soon as I got home I called my hairdresser and made an appointment for the next day. LOL!

I know some people have the same issue I did between surgeries, like Sluggy is having now. But most people do not. My dad waited 6 years between his. LOL! You do have to put eye drops in your eyes for several weeks afterwards, but I don’t have a problem with that.

Hope my experience helps you prepare if/when you have to have cataract surgery.


slugmama said...

I was so worried after reading about your experience between surgeries, especially about driving with 1 good eye and 1 bad eye. I drove yesterday and will be able to drive myself to my appt. tomorrow....yay!
I do have trouble walking around however as I am not sure where the floor/ground is! lolz
My eyes were probably as bad as yours as my glasses if not plastic lenses would be thick as coke bottles but I am doing aok so far. The soonest I can have the second eye done will be in June since we are going on vacation in 1 week. bleh.

I am glad you had such a good outcome Frances!

McVal said...

I'm so glad everything worked out so well for you!!!

Frances said...

I really thought I responded to your comment, Sluggy. Hope you are doing well!

Frances said...

Thanks, Val! I am doing great!

Sonya Ann said...

I'm so glad that you are seeing better. It is hard to tell what you are missing when you never saw it. My sight is terrible and I have had to wear glasses since I was in 3rd grade. I almost think that I would be lost if I had my eyes corrected, I would constantly be pushing my glasses up and they wouldn't be there.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I know what you mean! I have been wearing glasses since first grade and I am WAY older than you. LOL! 6 weeks after surgery, I still find myself reaching up to push up my glasses or take them off and they are not there. I guess eventually I will get used to them not being there. Except when they are readers and they ARE there. LOL!