Friday, May 15, 2015

Aldi has the best ham!

A while back, I’m not sure when but before my cataract surgeries, I mentioned to Hubby that Aldi had hams on sale for $.99/lb. I was thinking about going to get one as I thought that was a good price. And I had an Aldi coupon which is so rare that I thought I would do a little stock-up.

That Saturday, Hubby said he was going to go check the mail and put gas in the car. I figured he was going to go wash the car, too. You know a new car cannot be washed too much. LOL! He was gone for a while, but sometimes he goes out and runs around, so I wasn’t worried. Usually, just when I think about starting to worry he shows up.

After a while, he called me and asked me to bring the cart out and meet him at the car. I knew that meant he had gone shopping. J  He had run to Kroger to get some soft drinks and “swung by Aldi” to check out the hams. He bought 3 of them (bone in, not spiral cut)! But the price was great, so I didn’t complain and did not even mention that I had a coupon. Can’t cry over missed coupons, right? We put the hams in the freezer and went about our business.

Then last Thursday, a week ago, I noticed a ham in the fridge thawing so I figured that meant ham on the weekend. Saturday I put it in the oven and since “it’s your ham”, I ended up cooking dinner. LOL! We had some left over baked beans in the fridge and I made mashed potatoes and garlic bread.
I have to tell you, that was the BEST ham I have eaten in years! It was so good I wanted to just keep eating it. I didn’t, but I wanted to. It was so much better than the boneless hams we have been buying at Kroger for the last several years. Even the fancy spiral cut ones. I ate ham Sunday evening, too.

After dinner, I cut most of the ham off the bone and put some in the fridge, some in the freezer and left a bit on the bone and Hubby made a big pot of beans with the ham bone in it a few nights ago. It they were delish!

I am still thinking about that ham a week later. LOL! It is just that good.

We are on a roll with Aldi, I guess. I got some more coupons in the mail, so think I will go make a stockup run this weekend. When Aldi opened around the block, I thought I would be there all the time, but Hubby has been doing lots of the grocery shopping recently and he just heads to Kroger most of the time. But I still love my Aldi!

In other news, my eyes are great and I finished the drops yesterday. Yeah for that being over. Next issue is seeing the podiatrist to see what he can do about bone spurs in my feet. I am starting to fall apart.

Happy weekend to all!


Anne in the kitchen said...

Aldi is the greatest. They just built a new (huge by Aldi standards) one in my area that is not close to my house, but it is on the way to the lake. Now, every time we go there I stop by. I not only get to shop for the lake weekend, but I get to save mass amounts of money at the same time.

Frances said...

Anne, I wished for so long for an Aldi and watched mine being built with such excitement. It is just around the block and I only manage to go once a month or so. LOL! I have managed to get Hubby to go there when we have a small list for milk/eggs/produce.

Wish Aldi had a good selection of diet soda. THAT would keep us out of Kroger.