Friday, March 27, 2015

Cataract surgery, anyone?

I thought old age would creep up silently, but here it comes roaring down the track. Today, I took a "vacation day" from work in order to have my cataract evaluation. I had one last year but was not in need of surgery at the time, so went on my merry way.

Now, it HAS to be done. I am not worried as I know many people who have had cataract surgery with no issues. Of course most of them were about 10 years older than I am now. It is funny to tell someone that I will be having cataract surgery and they say, "Oh, my mom has to have that soon." 

I am not as old as your MOM! Well, not in most cases. LOL! (Please note: I DO know that people my age do need it sometimes. That is just not what people have been telling me about.)

Oh, well. I will be happy to get it done and be back to seeing clearly.

Happy Friday, all!


McVal said...

Oh yuck! I don't mean to copy your friends... but my mom has to do that some time soon too.

slugmama said...

I hear ya Frances!
I'm not having fun with this either.....

Frances said...

Thanks, Val. Looks like I will beat your mom.

First eye, April 7.

Sorry you are having to go through it too, Sluggy.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy is having it done too. Maybe they could put the both of you in the same recovery room. I'm sure there would be a bar.
Take care of yourself and heal quickly.

slugmama said...

Hey Frances! I sent you an email at your gmail account with my mailing address for the giveaway. Did you get it?

H. M. Stuart said...

Cataract surgery? Nothing to it. Like staring into a kaleidoscope for twenty minutes or so. Did it a month ago. Can't wait to have the other one done. And I'm younger than you.

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If you think you might be interested in becoming a Resident Author, let me know and I'll forward our formal invitations for you to look over and return, if you decide to proceed.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Frances said...

Sluggy, I did not get your email yet. Did you send to fperkins2000 @

Frances said...

HM, I am not concerned about the surgery itself. It is the being able to see in between surgeries that I am more concerned about, since the dr could not tell me if I will be able to see during that time.