Monday, March 9, 2015

A Fairly Frugal Weekend

Life it pretty much the same at our house. I go to work and look forward to the weekends.  Hubby is doing well and has graduated from physical therapy and walking like a champ on his new leg.

This weekend we both went for eye exam. Yes…it is couple time. LOL! We always go together as we go on Saturday and it is good to have someone to help pick out glasses when you are blind like I am.  I wrote last January about my eye exam and subsequent cataract evaluation here. I have been doing okay for the last year, though in the last few months it seems like I am not seeing as well and on occasion, I seem to have some double vision issues. Yep, my cataracts are now imparing my vision. AND the doctor can no longer correct it with lenses. I figure it must really be time for the surgery as if the doctor could correct it at all it seems like he would be trying to make a few bucks off selling me some glasses while I “think about the surgery”.  But he didn’t.

So I called today to schedule the re-evaluation and will schedule the surgery. It is not that I am scared of having it done. I know so many people that have had it with no issues. But I just have not wanted to take the time off work.  I don’t know why, except that I took a lot of time off with Hubby. I have plenty of vacation time, so it won’t hurt to take off. I have to use PTO as we don’t have “sick time” anymore. If I have to be out longer than 5 consecutive days for the surgeries, then I would have to go on short term disability on the 6th day. So, I won’t use more than 5 “vacation days” for it. But I REALLY wanted to schedule a trip to Tennessee soon. I guess that will now delay until later on.

Hubby does not need corrective lenses at all! He and the doc came out joking that the amputation of his leg corrected his nearsightedness  and that if he had the other leg amputated he would have super vision. LOL! They are both very silly. Hubby was only the slightest bit nearsighted, so I guess the correction happened with age. He needs reading glasses, but he buys them at the drug store and has pairs all over the place.

So our two exams only cost $128. Our exams were each $25 and we had both had a service that insurance does not cover that replaces dilation of the eyes. Our dr has a machine that takes pics of the inside of your eye…and it is really cool. It gives a much more detailed view so I think it is worth the $39. That is the least amount of money we have paid at the eye doctor in YEARS. Afterward, we celebrated not having to buy $400 glasses by going to a Chinese buffet for lunch. Yummy!

Yesterday, we went to see The Imitation Game, a really good movie, using a gift card Hubby got for Christmas the year before last, then we went Chili's for lunch, using a gift card I got for Christmas this year. But he HAD to have dessert, so our lunch cost $16 after the gift card. But I won’t complain about $16 for a movie and lunch date. It was fun!

And we saved a LOT of money by making NO trips to the grocery store this weekend. Yeah!

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