Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

19 years ago tonight...well actually a little after midnight....I met my dear Hubby.

For several years before meeting Hubby, I would spend New Year's Eve at my girlfriend's house with her and her boys. She has 5 boys and when they were younger, if I showed up and we made a lot of food, it was a party. LOL! So on 12/31/95, I went over in the early evening and we started to "party". That entailed drinking some wine, making food and watching movies.

A little after midnight, after we had counted down to the New Year, my girlfriend said, "Let's go to the Hop." The Hop was a disco, yes disco, that she liked to frequent. Since I was a raging workaholic, I did not go out at all. She had decided that my New Year's resolution should be to get a life, so she convinced me to head to the Hop. I was wearing flat shoes, a sloppy sweater and flat hair. Not my typical mode of "going out" dress. But we went. (her oldest son was old enough to leave at home with the other boys and my gf had a pager and we could be back in 10 minutes if something happened.)

When we walked in the door, I looked across the bar and saw a tall, good looking guy in a white shirt that made his broad shoulders look even broader. Hmmm... I thought. But figured I was not dressed to pick up any hotties. LOL! My friend said, "Oh look. There's Bob!", and headed across the room. This girl knew everyone in that place! Yes, she was a partier, but only when her kids were with their dad. She walked right up to the broad shouldered hottie and said hi. OMG! That was Bob and she knew him!

We ended up talking and dancing with each other until the bar closed. I figured that was it until my gf invited him to follow us to her house to continue our New Year celebration. He agreed and followed us to her house. While in the car she told me all about how she had seen him there for the last couple of years and what a nice guy he was. He was divorced with 3 kids and loved his kids like crazy. WELL! I knew he was not for me in that case. I was not interested in kids and didn't want to date anyone with kids. I actually didn't want to date anyone. After my divorce several years previously, I had decided I was better off on my own.

We got to gf's house and ended up drinking wine and talking into the early morning. We had sobered up by the time we decided to leave, so Hottie said bye, got in his car and left. And I got in my car and left.

That might have been the end of it, but gf decided that Hottie and I should get together so started playing matchmaker. It took her a few weeks, but she finally got us out together. I thank her regularly for her perseverance. LOL!

There, isn't that a good New Year story?

Every one have a safe and Happy New Year!


McVal said...

Awe!!!! Happy anniversary as WELL as Happy New Year!

Sonya Ann said...

WHAT AN AWESOME STORY!!! I'm so glad that you have each other. You two are a true love story!

Frances said...

Thanks, Val and Sonya. We were definitely meant to be together.