Friday, July 18, 2014

StateFarm, you've done me wrong.

Hubby and I have had car insurance with StateFarm for many, many years. I am not sure exactly how long, but I think around 13 or 14 years. We have had a renters insurance policy with StateFarm for over 8 years. And I have an IRA with StateFarm that I have had there for about 7 years.

Over the years I have done some price comparisons, but I was never willing to change agents to save a few dollars. I really, really like my insurance agent...well, his whole staff. They are all very customer friendly. So, I never changed even to save money.

Imagine my irritation when I called to change our apartment number on our policies and was told that StateFarm no longer writes renters policies for my apartment complex! I calmly explained that I was not trying to buy a policy, just change my apartment number. The girl I talked to was nice, but no help, so I asked to speak to my agent.

He called me back and knew the issue and was very apologetic and upset with/for me, but explained that StateFarm had changed it guidelines back in February and my apartment complex was disqualified from be written policies. Though he was nice, basically he could do nothing for me.

I explained that if I have to buy renters insurance from someone else, I certainly would not be leaving my auto insurance and IRA with StateFarm. My agent said he hated that I would leave but understood why I felt that way. He said he was equally frustrated by the new guidelines. Oh, really, did the new guidelines just make you non-compliant with your apartment lease? I don't think so.

I am most irritated that I received no notification of this. Basically, I don't have renters insurance as of yesterday. Actually, I am pretty sure that StateFarm cannot cancel my policy without notice, but I am not even going to argue or fight with them. My apartment manager is really nice and understanding and is giving me time to find another policy.

I sent an email to the CEO of StateFarm, but I doubt I will hear back. Why would they care about losing one policy holder? So, I am shopping. I don't care if my insurance policy costs more...when I find someone that will write me a renters insurance policy, I am moving my auto insurance to them as well. I got a quote on line and an agent from Farmers has already called me. I have had Farmers in the past and was happy with them.

And my IRA will got to my bank, credit union or Fidelity, who handles my 401k. 

Screw you, State Farm!

On a happier note, Hubby got out of the hospital on Monday afternoon and he is doing fine. He is taking it easy so his ankle will heal up. He wants to be unpacking and moving stuff around, but I am trying not to let him.

I need to go to Aldi this weekend. I really miss it as I have not been in quite a while!


Anonymous said...

The real problem is why did State Farm decide NOT to insure any of the apartments in your building. That's the real question. What do they know about that place that you don't know? You may get another insurance company to insure your renters contents, but what happens when it's time to collect? Will the new company pay out? Apparently, there is some kind of loophole you don't know about.
If you move your IRA, you'll be hit with a penalty and loss of interest payouts.
I'd find out why the building I am living in is uninsurable and then possibly move out. Perhaps the heating is suspect or there are countless violations. Something just doesn't sound right? It's not black and white. It doesn't sound so simple.

Sonya Ann said...

I think that is a load of crap. I will never get why a big company will treat their insured so poorly. And I agree with you that they have to send out notification but one problem at a time. And you seem to have a ton of things going on at the same time. Whew, between the move, hubs, and now shopping for insurance, you have so earned a beer. Get hubs settled, get the insurance, unpack and then give them HELL! I think the BBB needs a call.
Does it seem like we get hit with a crap ton of problems all at once? I've got a ton of things going on here. UGH!

Frances said...

Cindi, you sound like a State Farm agent. LOL!

My agent, who I have loved for years, told me that it has to do with the area I live in. He can write policies for one site of the street, but not the other.

I talked to my apartment manage and she was unaware that StateFarm would no longer write policies for our complex. One of the tenants is a StateFarm agent and she intends to ask him to find out more information.

Our complex is super well maintained and has not had any type of city code violations. I check regularly. I am not an unaware renter that lives in some run down hovel. I live in a well managed, well maintained complex.

As for the IRA, rolling it into another IRA will not cause penalty and interest charges. I rolled it into this one. I am also not stupid when it comes to my retirement funds.

And the insurance thing is NOT simple. My agent was almost as upset about it as I was.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, I would not be so irritated if my agent could give me a reason why they cannot write a policy, but he couldn't.

Never fear, none of the stuff going on is getting me down. Life throws stuff at everyone...we just have to deal with it.

Sonya Ann said...

How is sweet knees doing?

Frances said...

He is doing well, Sonya Ann. He was feeling guilty at not doing a lot of unpacking, but I told him that if he would stop feeling guilty, then I would to. We made a deal. LOL!

Since he has been taking it easy, his incision is healing up very nicely. I expect his doctor will be quite pleased when Hubby sees him tomorrow.

Steven Keltsch said...

I’m sorry that you had to go through this problem with insurance. I agree with you on transferring to a different insurance company, rather than dealing with their unreliable process. Anyway, I hope things are doing better for you now. Thanks for sharing!

Steven Keltsch@ Allied Insurance Manage