Monday, June 17, 2013

Taking care of the girls.

I bet you thought I meant my girl children. Nope, I meant THESE girls, doing a Vanna White like sweep in front of my chest. Yes, it is that time of the year...mammogram time! WooHoo!

I figured it was the perfect excuse to take the entire day off of work and have a nice 3 day weekend, so that is what I did.

I may be the oddball, but having a mammogram does not bother me at all. I go in and get it done with little discomfort. Being squishy is good in this instance. LOL!

After getting squished, I made a run to my favorite store:
Yep, I got to go to Aldi on a weekday. It was so not crowded. And you KNOW I enjoyed it. We didn't need anything but milk and bread...since Hubby went to Kroger on Saturday. Yes, I have not been able to cut that cord yet. So, I picked up milk, bread and a few other items.

Then back home to relax the rest of the day.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

And get those mammograms done, ladies!


McVal said...

LOVE Aldi's sugar free creamer!!!

slugmama said...

Well if great minds don't think alike!!!
"I" went this morning to get my girls squished too!
AND I went to Wegman's afterwards.....can't get near the store usually but at 8:45am on a Monday morning it was like a ghost town and you know I loved it too!lol

Wegman's has the cheapest price on ground beef around here....I also picked up Wegs brand Gatorade to drink before I go get my colonoscopy in a couple weeks. bleh...not as fun as a squish tho....

Frances said...

McVal, we are not coffee drinkers, but I love lots of Aldi stuff!

Frances said...

Good for you, Sluggy, on getting squished, too.

My dr has been pushing a colonoscopy, but I'm "thinking about it." When my mom had hers done, the dr burned off a polyp and she ended up in the hospital for a week. I am just a tad leary.

Sonya Ann said...

I'm glad that you took care of the girls!
And I love my Aldi. I am trying to get away from going to the other grocery stores. The only thing that I use and Aldi doesn't have is cilantro. But I'm almost to the point where I will be able to harvest what we are growing so I'll be an Aldi only sort of girl.

Frances said...

I have been going to other grocery stores much less. Now if I can get Hubby to quit going.

BUT Aldi does not have any selection of diet soda. Well, diet cola, but it is not very good. I told Hubby if he quits going to Kroger, we can just buy REAL Diet Coke on sale at CVS. LOL!

But he also like the bargain bin, manager's meat markdowns and the baker markdown rack. I may get him out of there eventually.

Yeah for being able to harvest cilantro!