Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Aldi IS saving us money!

Thought I would give you all another look at Hubby's handsome profile.

I DO track my grocery spending and have for a few years, but just got around to analyzing how our first full month of having an Aldi compared to our previous grocery spending. Please note, this is not food only. I could anything bought at the grocery store, dollar stores, Walmart, and drugstores, except for prescriptions in my grocery spending. If no food/HBA/pets is purchased in the trip, I won't count it,  but I don't break down each trip. So, sometimes, yes, potting soil may be in the grocery category. LOL!

So, here are the numbers, comparing May, 2013 to previous months:

Average grocery bill for Jan - Apr, 2013 = $427.72
Average spent at Kroger, same period = $276.30

Grocery bill for May, 2013 = $354.21
Amount spent at Kroger, in May = $200.48

So, we saved $73.51 over our average of the first 4 months of the year. And we spent $75.82 less at Kroger than we averaged there during the same time period!

AND our entire grocery spending was $85.35 less than we avereaged per month in 2012!

WooHoo for us! And we really have have NOT made a concerted effort to cut back. Our spending would have been even lower if we had not discovered the delicious cheesecake two-packs at Aldi. I have to STOP picking those up!

Feeling quite proud of us, today!


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Anonymous said...

I love Aldi's! I've been shopping there for years, even their meat is good and they mark it down really chep sometimes.

Frances said...

Yes, mylifeinfocusblog, cheesecake. The brand is Belmont and the little 2 packs are GOOD! They are located in the frozen pie/ice cream section. I won't buy a whole cheesecake because we would have to eat it all. Yes, we would have to. But each of us eating one piece, once in a while, is not so bad.

Sonya Ann said...

I'm so proud of you!!!!!!! First, that you have tracked it and second that you are saving more money!!!! I say take it to Vegas. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone that I said that.

Frances said...

Marilyn, I was jealous, for years, of people that had Aldi. I am so happy to finally have my own.

No meat markdows yet, but I will keep looking!

Frances said...

No trip to Vegas yet. I had to pay a $296 medical bill today, so that ate up my savings.

It is a good thing Hubby is so cute!